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puppet-osx modules and providers

These providers are being moved to their own projects, this repository will be removed!

This repository will contain most of my custom modules and providers for managing mac os x clients and servers using puppet.

There isn't any working code right now. Come back later.

Management components to develop for:

  • Application preference management via .plist merging (using plist gem at mosen/plist)
  • MCX atomic configuration via understandable puppet types eg. Dock[] Finder[] etc..
  • security framework automation via "security" command line utility. (Certificate trust/Keychain)
  • profile installation via "profile" command line utility (OSX 10.7 Only)
  • power management via pmset
  • bluetooth and wifi enable/disable at the driver control utility level.
  • bless? to reset netboot volume maybe?
  • ipfw control?
  • kerberos local KDC and local directory?
  • networksetup/scutil ? (kinda deprecated in 10.7)
  • manage server principals via sso_util ?
  • more???