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puppet-plist module

User Guide


This type provides the ability to manage property list (binary and xml) files.


  • If you don't have facter v2, you can only use a subset of the functionality.
  • The basic plist type only covers basic, single value changes. Structured types are very limited.
  • The PlistBuddy provider has some limitations on checking values. Some values will only be checked for existence and not compared against the desired value. (Real, Date, Array)
  • It's beta at the moment


This module provides new types in the form of plugins, so pluginsync must be enabled for every agent in the puppet configuration (usually /etc/puppet/puppet.conf) like this:

pluginsync = true

Without pluginsync enabled, any manifest with a plist resource in it will throw an error or possibly just do nothing.




  • Hash type doesnt work
  • Date type doesnt work

Please submit any issues through Github issues as I don't have a dedicated project page for this module.


You can issue a pull request and send me a message if you like, and I will consider taking the patch upstream :) See the file for information about the roadmap and features.


They really don't exist. There are manifests in tests/ that will run through the most basic functionality.


Several people have commented to me that cfprefsd is really only an issue with Directory Services. Your mileage may vary in 10.8.