Stay up to date with the latest trending gifs, right inside Discord.
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Stay up to date with the latest trending gifs, right inside Discord.


Table of Contents

What is Trending Giphy Bot?

Trending Giphy Bot is a bot that posts trending gifs on its own. It's meant to just sit in your Discord server and post however often you want it to. It's a bot that you'll probably rarely interact with except initially setting it up and maybe tweaking it later.


Invite the bot here!


You can configure this bot in different channels on your server. Configuration is saved per channel.

You have complete control over how often it posts. Have fun with it!

If it gets annoying or something, just dial it back a bit. ᴼʳ ᵐᵘᵗᵉ ᶦᵗ \(⩹‿⩺)/

Main Menu

If you're ever lost, type

@TrendingGiphyBot tgb


Configures the job timer.

!JobConfig Get
!jobconfig set 30 minutes
!JoBcOnFiG sEt 1 HoUr
!jobconfig remove
!jobconfig help (or just !jobconfig)


Sets a range of hours where the bot won't post, like late at night. Hours are 24-hours, 0 - 23, central standard time.

!QuietHours Get
!quiethours set 1 9
!QuIeThOuRs ReSeT
!quiethours help (or just !quiethours)


Want the bot to post a random GIF if there's no new trending one?

!SetRandom On
!setrandom on cats
!SeTrAnDoM oFf
!setrandom get
!setrandom help (or just !setrandom)


Use this to set a custom prefix (default is !).

If you forget your prefix, remember all commands can be invoked using @TrendingGiphyBot TheCommand.

For example, @TrendingGiphyBot setprefix reset

!SetPrefix Get
!setprefix set $^
!SeTpReFiX rEsEt
!setprefix help (or just !setprefix)

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