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Runtime Notice for variable by &$reference #2

bartrail opened this Issue Jul 20, 2011 · 3 comments

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Thanks again for these beautiful maths!

I got into trouble with a strict PHP configuration, saying "Runtime Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/con/www/lab/Moserware/Skills/HashMap.php line 36 "

When I disable the strict mode (or at least disable notices in php's error_reporting()) it works and I get a calculation. Unfortunately, I need the strict mode and all notices for the development to easier find bugs and the framework I'm using (Symfony2) even throws full Exceptions on notices (thanks to xdebug) so I can't even ignore a notice, even though I'd like to.

So I was trying to get rid of all ampersands as I don't fully understand the php 5.3 runtime notice for references - thought anything is a reference by now.. - seems it is not.. so unfortunately I broke the whole environment and some unit tests are totally going nuts..

Maybe you find some time to take a look over this, this is the commit where I radiacally (blindly, but not search & replace ;) removed the ampersands

and this is one of the tests that failed and I was trying to manually find out which else is failing in this TwoTeam Test case (came out this was it) - so I revered the unit test values in my fork back to the original ones, but maybe this can help you to locate which ampersand &reference is really needed...



Thanks for the info. I probably won't get a chance to look at it for quite some time, but if you resolve the issues I'd be happy to pull in the change.


Alright :) I'll let you know once I've made progress on this


I digged a bit more and found only a few lines where the references actually throw errors on runtime. Unfortunately phpunit isn't so error-greedy..

I started a new branch for the strict env php5.3 which I included into my project and keep up-to-date when I run into any new error.. all unit tests are still successful. When my project is finished in the next couple of weeks I will send back the pull request with the updated version.

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