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Moses, the machine translation system
Groff C++ C Perl Python Shell Other
branch: RELEASE-0.91

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OnDiskPt commented all classes in OnDiskPt and moses-chart-cmd. Leave ken's lm…
biconcor move biconcor to /
contrib Fix compile error on Arch Linux
cruise-control new location of reg tests
jam-files Make --with-regtest work without an argument, fix path handling
lm Move max-order to lm directory and direct dependencies.
mert enable single character option
misc Merge branch 'master' of
moses-chart-cmd/src wrap phi's suffix array implementation and extraction method in a wra…
moses-cmd/src Removed duplicate usage printout when moses is called with no paramet…
moses/src Merge branch 'master' of
phrase-extract merge issues
regression-testing Make --with-regtest work without an argument, fix path handling
scripts new training option -write-lexical-counts
symal move back into script/training
util Fix temporary file handling
.gitignore Batch k-best MIRA is written and integrated into
.gitmodules Adding regression tests as git submodule.
Jamroot adding the code for relative entropy pruning to contrib/relent-filter
NOTICE czech prefixes
bjam Old buggy bjam always returns 0. Detect+reject.
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