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A collection of git utilities to ease integration with Pivotal Tracker

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Git Pivotal


You might want to have this song running in the background while you read this.

Let's Git Pivotal

Inspired by Hashrocket's blend of git and Pivotal Tracker and a popular article on effective git workflows, I set off to create a set of utilities to simplify the workflow between the two.

Git Pick

This selects the top-most available feature from your Pivotal Tracker, and offers to create a feature branch.

1 git-pick:master % git pick
Collecting latest stories from Pivotal Tracker...
Story: Test git pivotal
Enter branch name (will be prepended by 1234567) [feature]: testing
Creating branch...
Creating 1234567-testing branch...
2 git-pick:1234567-testing %


To install git-pivotal, simply run

[sudo] gem install git-pivotal


Once installed, git pivotal needs three bits of info: your Pivotal Tracker API Token, your name as it appears in Pivotal Tracker and your Pivotal Tracker project id. The former two are best set as a global git config options:

git config --global pivotal.api-token 9a9a9a9a9a9a9a9a9a9a
git config --global pivotal.full-name "Jeff Tucker"

The project id is best placed within your project's git config:

git config -f .git/config pivotal.project-id 88888

If you're not interested in storing these options in git, you can pass them into git pivotal as command line arguments. See the usage guides for more details.


This is some seriously alpha software. Several things on the ol' todo list:

  • Create a general Pivotal::Base#update_attributes method
  • git pick doesn't update the story to indicate who claimed it
  • Add command to close/finish currently 'picked' feature
  • Reduce verbosity of git pick
  • More that I can't recall at the moment
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