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vidNote 2.0 is an improved web app for sharing noteworthy moments from Youtube videos. It's new features include user accounts, twitter login, facebook login, saving videos and much more!
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Techdegree Project Twelve

vidNote 2.0

This project is an improved way of sharing noteworthy moments from Youtube videos.

Technologies Used

  • Backend - Node.js & Express

  • Frontend - Custom CSS + Bootstrap & React

  • Database - Document based: MongoDB

  • Heroku - Used to deploy the web app

APIs Used

  • YouTube

    This project uses YouTube's Iframe Player and Data API.

  • Twitter Login

    This project uses Twitter's API to login.

  • Facebook Login

    This project uses Facebook's API to login.

Be sure to have Node.js & MongoDB installed on your machine

How to get up and running locally

Clone the repo from github

git clone

Move into the project directory

cd vidnote-2.0

Run the following commands in the root of the project directory

Install main project dependencies

npm install

Install frontend dependencies

npm run install-client

Create a .env file

touch .env

Inside the .env file


In a new terminal tab

Before running the app be sure start MongoDB


Back in the previous terminal tab

Start the app

npm start

To view the app: Running npm start will run the project on port:5000 and build the frontend of the app. After the React build process has completed visit port 5000 in your browser.

Note: When using the login feature with Twitter be sure that the URL is and not localhost:5000.

When using the login feature with Facebook be sure that the URL is localhost:5000 and not

How to test

Start MongoDB in a new terminal tab


Run the test script

npm test

How to get a your developer keys

YouTube Data API key:

Visit YouTube's API docs for how to get the api key.

Twitter consumer key and consumer secret:

Head over to Twitter's Developer Platform and create a new app.

Facebook app id and app secret:

Create a new app on Facebook's Developer Platform.

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