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Arculus Auth Widgets

arculus-auth-widgets codecov pub package

Collection of flutter auth-related widgets such as social sign in buttons, splash page, and sign in page, etc. These widgets are designed to work nicely with your app theming as well as respective brand guidelines. Feel free to post an issue if there's anything wrong.

For your convenience, you can see the button brand guidelines here:

As for the email sign in button, I just use the default theming of ElevatedButton, which is usually have background color equals to your app's primary color, and foreground color equals to your app's primaryTextTheme.button (Primary Text Theme = Text Theme with color contrast to your primary color.)

Features Overview


Easily show LoadingIndicator using the provided isLoading property. When isLoading:true buttons will automatically disabled, preventing repeated taps. The button also visible as translucent as a cue to the user that it's not interactable at the moment.

Automatically adapts to your root Theme, such as Theme brightness and ElevatedButton shape.

About Brightness / Theme Mode

Flutter's ThemeData has a property called themeMode. ThemeMode is basically tells the flutter app which theme to use. I usually use ThemeMode.system to make the app theme matches the user's device system configuration.

  • ThemeMode.light = Uses ThemeData.theme.
  • ThemeMode.dark = Force use ThemeData.darkTheme.


Social Button

Arculus Normal

Arculus-Style buttons are still ElevatedButton at heart, but with some more adjustment. And yes, they will still adapt to your ElevatedButtonThemeData in your root ThemeData.

ArculusPrimaryButton(label: 'Sign in with Email', onPressed: (_) {});
ArculusAppleButton(label: 'Sign in with Apple', onPressed: (_) {});
ArculusGoogleButton(label: 'Sign in with Google', onPressed: (_) {});

Arculus Primary Button will use email icon by default, but you can override it using any Widget. Make sure that the widget has size 18.

Arculus Rounded

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  OutlinedBorder getBorder(Set<MaterialState> states) {
    return RoundedRectangleBorder(
      /// The value 100 doesn't really matter because, afaik, it will be rounded down to 50% 
      /// of the final height of the widget. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
      borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(100), 

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      /// Use ThemeMode.dark to force darkTheme or ThemeMode.system to match device's theme.
      themeMode: ThemeMode.light
      /// Other codes
      theme: ThemeData(
        brightness: Brightness.light
        /// Other codes
        elevatedButtonTheme: ElevatedButtonThemeData(
            style: ButtonStyle(
          shape: MaterialStateProperty.resolveWith(getBorder),
      darkTheme: ThemeData(
        brightness: Brightness.dark
        /// Other codes
        elevatedButtonTheme: ElevatedButtonThemeData(
            style: ButtonStyle(
          shape: MaterialStateProperty.resolveWith(getBorder),
      /// Other codes

Brand Icon

In case you needed it, you can use the available plain icon. Note that GoogleIcon() doesn't come with the default white background regardles your app's brightness, because the white background is a button feature, not an icon feature. The apple one will still matches the Brightness of your active theme.


Overriding root themeMode

In case you need the button to diverge from the root themeMode, you can wrap your button with a modified Theme. For example, you have your app themeMode set to ThemeMode.light, but you want to use the dark mode version of the google button. You can then do this:

  data: Theme.of(context).copyWith(brightness: Brightness.dark),
  child: ArculusGoogleButton(label: 'Sign in with Google', onPressed: (_) {})

You can use this method to override anything else as well. For example, in case you want to use regular shaped ElevatedButton globally, but want to use the rounded version of ArculusGoogleButton.

Coming Soon

  • Other social buttons (Request in Issue!)
  • Predefined splash page
  • Predefined onboarding page
  • Predefined email sign in page


I will appreciate any star to the github repo as well as like to the page of this library. If you want, you can also buy me a cup of coffee by clicking the button below to motivate me creating helpful libraries in the future! Thanks for your support!

Buy Me A Coffee

Why "Arculus"?

Inspired from the Roman tutelary god of chests and strongboxes, Arculus flutter plugin family will also grow larger in the future to help you implement security features easier to your apps. The one I'm working on currently is a plugin to quickly implement Firebase Auth in flutter apps, so that we don't need to repeatedly rewrite everything from scratch at the beginning of a flutter projects.



Collection of flutter auth-related widgets. These widgets are designed to work nicely with your app theming as well as respective brand guidelines.








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