zip and unzip with blowfish encryption
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zip and unzip with blowfish encryption.

Compiles with visual studio 2008, VC6, GCC mingw 4.8.1. Tested binaries on win32x86, and zip files are compatible between different compilers.

New option --blowfish to enable stronger encryption method. Output zip files can contain mix of old and new encrypted files, the data structure is identical; except that blowfish encrypted files in an archive require newer exe and --blowfish flag to unpack.

Sample Usage:

$ zip --blowfish -Deruo -P password1 files1 .. zipup files1

$ unzip --blowfish -P password1 .. to extract files1

$ zip -Deruo -P password2 files2 .. to add more files2

$ unzip -P password2 .. to extract files2