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Adding Convert Method #14

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Not sure if this fits within your library, but I've ran into a few instances where I needed to get a specific output from the data returned by google maps. For example, I might have:

  • a zip from a user input that needs to be transformed into a city
  • a city from a user input that needs to be transformed into a country

The convert function I've added does the above. Let me know what you think.


moshen commented Sep 1, 2012

I like it. I think it could fit, probably under a different method/namespace. Maybe exports.util.convert. Does it only work with the output of geocode and reverseGeocode?

  • changing the namespace sounds like a good idea.
  • yeah, it currently will only work with geocode and reverseGeocode since it relies on the json blob outputted from both of those functions.

I've gone ahead and updated the readme too.



moshen commented Sep 27, 2012

After looking at my own util type functions, I'm thinking it's a better idea to have them all under their own namespace/submodule.

I'm going to merge this with a local branch of my changes and comment/close later when I push again to develop.


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