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Submitting Issues

If you are submitting a bug with moment, please create a jsfiddle demonstrating the issue.


To contribute, fork the library and install these npm packages.

npm install jshint uglify-js nodeunit

You can add tests to the files in /test/moment or add a new test file if you are adding a new feature.

To run the tests, do make test to run all tests, make test-moment to test the core library, and make test-lang to test all the languages.

To check the filesize, you can use make size.

To minify all the files, use make moment to minify moment, make langs to minify all the lang files, or just make to minfy everything.

If your code passes the unit tests (including the ones you wrote), submit a pull request.

Submitting pull requests

Moment.js now uses git-flow. If you're not familiar with git-flow, please read up on it, you'll be glad you did.

When submitting new features, please create a new feature branch using git flow feature start <name> and submit the pull request to the develop branch.

Pull requests for enhancements for features should be submitted to the develop branch as well.

When submitting a bugfix, please check if there is an existing bugfix branch. If the latest stable version is 1.5.0, the bugfix branch would be hotfix/1.5.1. All pull requests for bug fixes should be on a hotfix branch, unless the bug fix depends on a new feature.

The master branch should always have the latest stable version. When bugfix or minor releases are needed, the develop/hotfix branch will be merged into master and released.