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The Rust and WebAssembly Book

This repo contains documentation on using Rust for wasm, common workflows, how to get started and more. It acts as a guide for how to do some neat things with it.

If you would like to start learning how to use Rust and WebAssembly together immediately, you can read the book online here.

Open issues for improving the Rust and WebAssembly book.

Building the Book

The book is made using mdbook. To install it you'll need cargo installed. If you don't have any Rust tooling installed, you'll need to install rustup first. Follow the instructions on the site in order to get setup.

Once you have that done then just do the following:

$ cargo install mdbook

Make sure the cargo install directory is in your $PATH so that you can run the binary.

Now just run this command from this directory:

$ mdbook build

This will build the book and output files into a directory called book. From there you can navigate to the index.html file to view it in your browser. You could also run the following command to automatically generate changes if you want to look at changes you might be making to it:

$ mdbook serve

This will automatically generate the files as you make changes and serves them locally so you can view them easily without having to call build every time.

The files are all written in Markdown so if you don't want to generate the book to read them then you can read them from the src directory.


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