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bash-plus is a preprocesser for shell scripts that provides the following:

  • Argument handling using
  • Common utility functions.


bash-plus > sponge

Bash plus will then run argbash and embed the common functions into the result.

The processing of bash-plus can be reversed using:

bash-plus clean > sponge

This is useful to run before commiting into git and only running compile step during build.

Common Functions

Function Args Description
epoch time in milliseconds
stopwatch epoch
error msg
success msg
info msg
fatal msg Logs an error and then exits with 1
logv msg Log only if $debug == 'true'
log msg Log to stderr with a running time
delete_on_exit file Deletes the file when the script exits
hr, hr1, hr2 Prints a horizontal rule
strict_mode, strict_mode_off Turn strict mode on or off
is_linux, is_mac
is_jenkins, is_travis, is_ci
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