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Design Principles

  • Stateless - Do not require the pre-population of inventory files with IP/Hostsname.
  • Self Contained - Do not require any external depdenencies likes load balancers
  • Multi-Target - Support multiple target environments including vSphere and VMWare Fusion
  • UNIX Philosophy - Use small components that do 1 thing and do it well.

Getting Started

install kube-provision

pip install kube-provision

configure the provisioner


os: ubuntu
consul_bind_interface: ens33
target: vmware-fusion
template: /Users/home/Virtual Machines.localized/ubuntu_base.vmwarevm/ubuntu_base.vmx
vm_dir: /Users/home/Virtual Machines.localized/

See ansible-provision to see how to configure provisioners for different targets.

create a base image with kubeadm

Install kubeadm and a container runtime as per install kubeadm

bake.yml is an ansible playbook that automates this process.

provision a new cluster (automatically creates a new consul server)

kube-provision --config config.yml --masters 3 --workers 3 --name cluster-name

provision a new cluster (with an existing consul cluster)

kube-provision --config config.yml --masters 3 --workers 3 --name cluster-name --consul-ip=



An externally hosted consul server/cluster is used for service discovery of kubernetes masters. Each master runs a consul agent that registers as a service endpoint for the cluster. If not specified at runtime a new consul server will be provisioned before proceeding with kubernetes.


Etcd nodes are run stacked with the master nodes, that is each api-server talks only with it’s local etcd node and the etcd nodes are joined to the “primary master” and then discover each other. Should the primary master fail, then new masters can be joined by specifying any other master.

worker node

All worker nodes run an instance of nginx that listens on https://localhost:8443 that watches for changes in consul to the registered masters and updates the nginx.conf to reload the config as needed.


ansible-deploy is used to create the boot script based upon templated commands and files with the cloud-init deployment target.


ansible-provision is used to provision consul and the kubernetes nodes to any supported target.

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