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cloud-systools is a suite of helpers and small CLI's tools designed to make the process of installing and configured cloud based servers and services easier.


Name Description Usage
if_exists Shorthand for if [ -e $file] `if_exists file
extract Extracts multiple format archives extract; extract a.tgz
install_git_sync Checks out and keeps a git repository synchronized with a local folder.
Links .hooks/post-merge -> .git/hooks/post-merge if it exists
install_git_sync {git_repo} {local path}
install_rpm Installs an RPM from an HTTP location.
Checks if the package is installed by filename, rather than downloading
install_rpm http://host/big_app.rpm
install_service Creates a new systemd service install_service {name} {cmd}
install_service_override Overrides properties for an existing service install_service_override {service} {key}={value}
install_timer Creates a new systemd based timer task install_timer {name} {cmd} [time unit]
install_bin Downloads a file to /usr/bin/ and chmod +x' it install_bin
deploy_file Downloads and copies a file into a directory in a safe manner deploy_file {url} {dir}
extract Extract different type of archives silently
create_service_account Creates a new user and home directory meant for for running services create_service_account java
bootstrap_volume Partitions, formats and mounts a volume bootstrap_volume {dev} {mount} {type} [owner] Pings all ports on all A records returned 80,443
update_secret Adds/Updates an entry in /etc/secrets.json update_secret DB_PASS random

AWS Specific Tools

Name Description Usage
aws_list_hosts Lists all hosts in an AWS account in a format suitable for /etc/hosts aws_list_hosts > /etc/hosts
aws_list_instances List all instances in a simplified JSON format `aws_list_instances
aws_list_targets List all instances registered with an ELB aws_list_targets {elb name}
aws_register_target Register an instance with an ELB aws_register_target {elb} {instance-id}
aws_deregister_target De-register an instance with an ELB aws_deregister_target {elb} {instance-id}
aws_environment_updater Updates /etc/environment with the IP's of instance groups and install_timer /usr/bin/aws_environment_updater
aws_secret_updater Updates /etc/secrets.json with SSM secrets install_timer /usr/bin/aws_secret_updater
install_aws_codecommit Configures git credentials to use AWS install_aws_codecommit [profile]