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Contributor Guide

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Welcome to MOSIP, and thank you for thinking of contributing! Before you get started,

Your First Contribution

Help is always welcome with MOSIP! Documentation can be simplified, code can be clarified, and test coverage can be improved.

If you want to get started on contributing, there are multiple ways to do so -

a) Contribute to code (fix bugs, implement new features, enhance features)

b) Contribute to improve specifications.

c) Suggest new features and feature enhancements.

d) Test MOSIP and log bugs.

e) Help us fix documentation errors.

f) Help spread the word on MOSIP among interested developers.

There are multiple repositories within the MOSIP organization. To contribute to (a) Code, take a look at the Open Issues that are not assigned to anyone and put a comment saying “I would like to take this up” along with your approach and design preferably with pseudo code. The issue shall be assigned to you after review. Alternatively, please join our developer mailing list and send an email there. The core contributors team will interact with you via Github Issue comments. You may work in the forked version of the repository and send pull requests via Github.

For (b) - (e), i.e. new bugs, specs, features or documentation improvements, please log Github Issues under the appropriate repository, or join and write in at our developer mailing list

Getting in touch

If you have questions about the development process

Community Events

We actively organise online and in-person meetups and discussions. Keep an eye on this page for the latest.

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