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MOSIP Functional Requirement Specifications

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1. Authentication

1.1 Login

Log in to the pre-registration system with a mobile or email with OTP so that you can get access to the pre-registration system

1.2 Logout

Log out from the pre-registration system

2. Language Data Manager

2.1 Translation

Translation of the language as per the pre-configured primary and secondary language for a country

2.2 Transliteration

Transliteration of the language as per the pre-configured secondary language for a country

3. Pre-Registration Sync

3.1 Pre-Registration Data Sync

  1. Synchronizes the pre-registration data with the registration-client
  2. Synchronizes status of pre-ID with registration processor

4. Appointment Scheduler

4.1 RC Identifier

Provides search facility for available registration centers so that applicant can book an appointment

4.2 Availability Checker

Getting availability of slots in the chosen registration center

4.3 Appointment Booking

Booking\re-booking the selected slot in the chosen registration-center for registration

5. Pre-Registration Application Manager

5.1 Pre-Registration Application Manager

Collects (create\modify\delete) demographic data and documents (specific to the applicant type) from the user\applicant

5.2 Acknowledgment

Generates an acknowledgment (with QR Code) for successful pre-registration, which can then be printed or downloaded for future reference.

5.3 PRID Generator

Generates pre-registration ID


1. Registration Client Setup

1.1 Registration Client Installation

Installs the registration-client on the machine

1.2 Registration Client Launch

Helps in launching the registration-client

1.3 Registration Client Software Update

Updates the client software

2. System Health Checker

2.1 Connectivity Checker

Checks if the client machine is connected to the network

2.2 Security Scan

Virus scan of the data packets and the application software

2.3 Disk Space Checker

Checks whether there is enough space in the client machine\dongle to store the registration packet

3. Registration Officer Authentication

3.1 Login

Enables logging in to the client machine by a password, OTP or biometrics

3.2 Logout

Logging out from the client application

4. User Onboarding/Manager

4.1 User Registration

Enables mapping between the user and machine\dongle. Allows a user to on-board themselves on a machine

5. Language Manager

5.1 Translation

Translates the static messages as per the configures primary and secondary languages

5.2 Transliteration

Translates the user entered text from primary to secondary language

6. Registration Application Manager - New

6.1 Location Geo tagging

Captures the GPS coordinates of the client machine to ensure data integrity

6.2 Individual Category Selection

Helps to distinguish if an applicant is an adult or a child

6.3 Demo Data Capture

Captures the demographic data of the applicant

6.4 Document Upload

Enables scan and upload supporting doc such as POA and POI

6.5 Fingerprint Capture

Captures the fingerprint data and determines the quality of the data

6.6 Iris Capture

Captures the iris data and determines the quality of the data

6.7 Face Capture

Captures the face photograph

6.8 Biometric Exception Capture

  1. Captures the exception photograph
  2. Marks the biometric exceptions

6.9 Registration Checks

  1. Preview of the registration details
  2. Operator authentication for submitting the registration
  3. Supervisor authentication for submitting registration with exception
  4. End of day approval
  5. Re-registration

6.10 Acknowledgment

Renders the acknowledgment page after successful registration and allows printing

6.11 Notification

Renders email and SMS notification for various events such as successful registration

7. Registration Officer Authorization

7.1 Registration Officer Authorization

Determines the user roles and provides access based on the privileges

8. Registration Packet Manager

8.1 Packet Creation

Creates the encrypted data packets

8.2 Packet Exporter

Allows sending packets to the processing server

  1. Using the upload feature of the client
  2. Copying packets to an external storage device

9. Sync Handler

9.1 Master Data Syncher

Synchronizes master data between a server to client

9.2 Packet Syncher

Send registration packet IDs from client to processor so that to ensure data security

9.3 Registration Packet Status-Reader

Read the status of the packets from processor into the client to ensure resend or deleting of packets as required

9.4 Registration Client Configuration Syncher

Synchronizes configuration data between a server to client

9.5 User Role Setup Syncher

Synchronizes user and role data between a server to client

9.6 Policy Syncher

Synchronizes encryptions Keys between a server to client

9.7 Pre-Registration Data Syncher

Synchronizes pre-registration data between a server to client

9.8 Login Credentials Syncher

Synchronizes login data (password) between a server to client

9.9 Audit Log Syncher

Synchronize the audit log from client to server

10. Individual UIN - Update

10.1 UIN Update

Allows the UIN holder to update their data (A specific set of data as defined by the country)

11. Reporting

11.1 Registration Reports

Generates reports on end of day process and re-registration

12. Clean Up

12.1 Data Clean Up

Deletes the following data from the client machine after successful registration:

  1. Registration
  2. Pre-registration
  3. Audit

Registration Processor

1. Registration Packet Handler

1.1 Packets Receiver

  1. It receives the packet sent from the registration client
  2. Performs various sanity checks on the packet

1.2 Virus Scanner Stage

Performs virus scan of the encrypted and de-crypted packet and stores the packet in the file system as per configuration

1.3 Archive Packets

Makes the data packets available for archival

2. Registration Status Service

2.1 Registration Status

As the per the stage driven architecture, this utility updates the status in the DB for the data packet at every stage

3. Registration Packet Processor

3.1 Packet Validator Stage

It performs integrity validation (checksum) and file validation

3.2 OSI Validator Stage

Authenticate operator, supervisor and introducer information received in data packet, and validate the metadata captured during packet creation

3.3 Quality Check Stage

  1. Checks the quality of biometric data against a configured threshold
  2. Validates if photo, age and gender are in sync
  3. Validates the document with the data captured using OCR
  4. Performs fingerprint quality checks like a real finger or finger of the same person

3.4 Demo De-Dupe Stage

Demographic de-duplication of name, gender and DOB

3.5 Biometric De-Dupe Dummy ABIS

It is a dummy ABIS which provides the failure and successful scenarios using Dummy Tags

3.6 Manual Verification

This is a pluggable stage where a manual verifier can verify the demographic and biometric data of an individual manually

4. UIN Generator

4.1 UIN Generator Stage

  1. Generates and allocates a UIN as per the defined logic
  2. Stores the people biometric and demographic data in the identity repository
  3. Notifies the resident that UIN is generated through the configured channels (SMS, Email etc.)

5. Print

5.1 Print Queue Stage

Make the UIN data and UIN card available for printing and postal services

6. UIN Lifecycle Manager

6.1 UIN Update Stage

  1. Updates the data (demographic\biometric) of the resident
  2. Updation of UIN status to re-activate
  3. Updation of UIN status to deactivate

7. External System Integration

7.1 External System Integration

This stage interacts with various external systems such as CNIE and EC


1. TSP/UA Authentication

1.1 TSP Authentication

Validates if the TSP and UA are authenticated sources to initiate the individual's authentication request

1.2 Authentication Mode Verifier

Verifies if the UA holds permission to initiate the mode of authentication in the authentication request

2. TSP/UA Authorization

2.1 TSP Authorization

Determines if the TSP and UA are authorised entities to initiate the individual's authentication request

3. Individual Authentication

3.1 Biometric Authentication

Verifies the authenticity of an individual using biometric attributes provided in the authentication request

3.2 Demographic Authentication

Verifies the authenticity of an individual using demographic attributes provided in the authentication request

3.3 OTP Authentication

  1. Enables an individual to receive OTP
  2. Verifies the authenticity of an individual using OTP provided in the authentication request

3.4 Static PIN Authentication

  1. Enables storage of static pin set by an individual in MOSIP Resident Services Portal
  2. Verifies the authenticity of an individual using static pin provided in the authentication request

3.5 E-KYC Authentication Services

Provides E-KYC details of an individual to the UA post successful authentication of the individual

4. Integrated Individual Authentication

4.1 Multiple Components

Verifies the authenticity of an individual using multiple attributes provided in the authentication request

Admin Setup (TBD WIP)

Resident Services (TBD WIP)

Reporting (TBD WIP)

Platform Level Features and Utilities


Exception Handler

  • Ability to provide base exception framework
  • Framework to include base exception parameters (Message, throwable, cause)

Log Manager (mosip-logging)

Provide the following logging utility

  • Generate logs for implentation events across the application
  • Stores the genrated logs in configured location
  • Each log can be genrated as a file/console
  • Raise an alert in case of listed exceptions (File not found, No such file exists, to be identified)
  • Links various logs associated to one applicant


MOSIP provides the following utilities

  • String utility
  • Calendar utility
  • Math utility
  • File utility
  • Hash utility

Data Access Manager(dataaccess-hibernate)

Provides a interface for DAO (Data Access Manager) interface

Data Mapper

Facilitate data mapping between DTO (Data Transfer Object) and Entity

Mobile validator

Performs the pattern validation on the mobile number based on the configured length

Email validator

Performs the pattern validation on email ID based on the configured parameters

Blacklisted Words Validator

Performs a word to word validation against a configured list of blacklisted words

RID Generator

Genetares and validates RID(Registration ID) as per defined logic

PRID Generator

Genetares and validates PRID(Pre-Registration ID) as per defined logic

VID Generator

Genetares and validates VID(Virtual ID) as per defined logic

Token ID Generator

Genetares and validates token ID (Token ID) as per defined logic for TSPs(Third praty service provider)

Static PIN Generator

Generates and Validate static PIN for user authentication

Registration Center ID Generator

Generates a registration center ID

Machine ID generator

Generates a machine ID of the client machine

TSP ID Generator

Generates and validates a TSP ID


Performs virus scan on registration and pre-registration packet

Template Merger

Merges an pre-configured template with dynamic values


This utility enables PDF file creation of received contente.g.acknoledge and notification templates

QR Code Generator

This utility enable QR code generation for Pre-reg,reg and UIN acknoledgement

FTP - Upload packet

Provides a upload portal for registarion client to upload packets for sending it to registration processor


Notification Manager-notification-sms

Provides an interface to send a SMS notification

Notification Manager-notification-email

Provides an interface to send a Email notification

Sync Handler-Master data

Syncs master data between the MOSIP master data server and the client local database

Sync Handler-Public keys

Syncs public keys between the MOSIP DB and clinet DB

Sync Handler-Configuration changes

Syncs the cofigurations stored in MOSIP config server with the locally stored configs of client

Sync Handler-List of Roles and users

Syncs user role data between the MOSIP server and the client local database

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