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Release Notes 0.12.15

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Table Of Content

Scope [↑]

This release is with proxy biometrics. This means that the implementation of Print system, SDK, MDM (MOSIP Device Manager), ABIS (Automated Biometrics Identification System) and Biometric devices has been stubbed. Also, this version is tested for functionality. Non-functional requirements (Performance, Scale and Security) will be taken up in subsequent releases.

  • Features included – Pre-Registration, Registration Client, Registration Processor, ID Authentication, Reference GUI implementation of Pre-Registration and Registration Client.
  • Features not included – Administration, Partner Management, Resident Services

Documentation [↑]

1. Platform Documentation

Includes Functional requirements, Process flows, Architecture and High level design, Getting started and Deployment guide, Developer documentation etc.
Link to Platform Documentation

2. Detailed Documentation

Low Level design and Test cases excel

Key Points [↑]

Key Points Details
Pre Registration - Browser support Chrome 74.0.3729)
Deployment Script Environment Microsoft Azure
Registration Client – OS version Windows 10 (English version) with TPM 2.0
Camera Logitech / Default windows camera
Scanner Canon lide 120
GPS GlobalSat BU-353-S4
Biometrics standard CBEFF format (Version - 0.12.15)
SMS gateway MSG91, Infobip
Registration Client – face capture OpenImaj - This is licensed for demo purpose only
Keystore SoftHSM
Antivirus ClamAV
Maps OpenstreetMap
Supporting key based digital signatures, not using digital certificates
Transliteration ICU4J (Library with French, Arabic languages)

Code [↑]

The code and automation tests are available on GitHub. The code needs to be built and deployed as per the procedure documented in Building And Deploying MOSIP. We will actively support System Integrators during their first deployment.

Tests [↑]

Testing Scope

1. In Scope [↑]

Title Description
Modules Tested
  • Pre-registration (UI & Server)
  • Registration Client (UI & APIs)
  • Kernel (APIs)
  • Registration Processor (Server)
  • ID Authentication (APIs)
  • ID Repo (APIs)
  • Version Tag Tested 0.12.15
    Test Methodology
  • Manual
  • Test Automation
  • Types of testing
  • Smoke
  • Functional
  • Integration
  • Regression
  • Testing Levels Image
    Configuration Parameters tested for Refer to QA env properties file with suffix ‘qa’ in the filename, at Link
    Browser Support Pre-Registration
  • Chrome – 74.0.3729.169
  • OS Support Registration Client
  • Windows 10
  • Language Support French, Arabic, English

    2. Not in Scope [↑]

    Title Description
    NFR Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Testing is done for one set of approved production configuration
  • Changing the configuration parameters for various values (boundary values) and testing the impact of each such value on the platform code will be taken up in subsequent releases.
  • 3. Executive Summary – Consolidated Quality Status [↑]

    Sl. No. Module / Activity Test Methodology Test Status
    1 Kernel
  • Test Automation
  • PASS
    2 Pre-Registration
  • Tested Manually
  • Test Automation
  • PASS
    3 Registration Client
  • Tested Manually
  • Test Automation
  • PASS
    4 Registration Processor
  • Tested Manually
  • Test Automation
  • PASS
    5 ID Authentication
  • Test Automation
  • PASS
    6 ID Repo
  • Test Automation
  • PASS
    7 Pre-Registration to Registration Client integration testing
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS
    8 Registration Client to Registration Processor integration testing
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS
    9 Registration Processor to Pre-Registration integration testing
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS
    10 Registration Processor to Registration Client integration testing
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS
    11 Registration Client to IDA integration testing
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS
    12 Registration Processor to IDA integration testing
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS
    13 IDA to ID Repo
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS
    14 Kernel API integration
  • Tested Manually
  • Test Automation
  • PASS
    15 End to end functional testing
  • Tested Manually
  • PASS

    4. Types of Testing [↑]

    Testing Type Description
    Smoke Testing Tests to ensure basic workflows work fine
    Functional Testing Tests to ensure functionality of each module and overall system work fine in accordance with the given requirements
    Integration Testing Tests to ensure the inter module functionality works fine and in accordance with the integration requirements
    Regression Testing Tests to ensure that any change doesn't break existing functionality

    5. Test Execution Summary [↑]


    6. Automation Test Reports [↑]

    Automation report run on 0.12.15 on QA env

    Known Issues [↑]


    Support Process (To Be Determined) [↑]

    Process to be followed for support required, escalation matrix, etc.

    List Of Acronyms [↑]

    Refer to List Of Acronyms

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