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UIN Generation

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  • UIN Generation (UIG_FR_1)

MOSIP generates a pool of UINs before the registration process and stores them. The UIN generation policies can be defined\modified by country as per their requirement

The UINs generated follow the following policies:

  1. UIN should not contain any alphanumeric characters
  2. UIN should not contain any repeating numbers for 2 or more than 2 digits
  3. UIN should not contain any sequential number for 3 or more than 3 digits
  4. UIN should not be generated sequentially
  5. UIN should not have repeated block of numbers for 2 or more than 2 digits
  6. The last digit in the number should be reserved for a checksum
  7. The number should not contain '0' or '1' as the first digit.
  8. First 5 digits should be different from the last 5 digits (E.g. 4345643456)
  9. First 5 digits should be different to the last 5 digits reversed (E.g. 4345665434)
  10. UIN should not be a cyclic figure
  11. UIN should be different from the repetition of the first two digits 5 times (E.g. 3434343434)
  12. UIN should not contain three even adjacent digits (E.g. 3948613752)
  13. UIN should not contain admin defined restricted number.

Note: The number of UINs to be generated in a pool depends on a configuration to be done by the country depending on the peak registration requirements. UIN generation service will receive a request by Registration Processor to get a UIN. The service responds with an un-allocated UIN from the generated pool. When the pool reaches a configured number of minimum UINs, MOSIP generates another pool of UIN.

List of Configurable Parameters and Processes

  1. Configurable Parameters

    Link to Configurable Parameters of Kernel

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  2. Configurable Processes

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Kernel API

Refer to Wiki for more details on Kernel API

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