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How to run
- Get the latest versiona of ErlyWeb (prior to 0.7.1, this would be from trunk) and Yaws
- Install MySQL and create a MySQL database for your blog.
- Run blog.sql to create the blog tables.
- Edit src/blog_app.hrl with your appropriate environment variables.
- compile start.erl (used to startup ur blog)
- Edit yaws.conf to add the ErlyWeb application settings for Blog.
- Start Yaws and in the shell, type "start:boot()".
-- Ruby Gems for textmate formatting
- sudo gem install hpricot
- sudo gem install erlectricity
- sudo gem install ultraviolet
Sample Yaws configuration ....
<server localhost>
port = 8000
listen =
docroot = /Users/Moski/erlang/apps/blog/www
appmods = <"/blog", erlyweb>
appname = blog