Adding client SOCKS support to Twisted.
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twisted-socks -- Client SOCKS support in Twisted.

Twisted[0] doesn't seem to have support for writing a SOCKS client.
The SOCKS support is written for servers and is restricted to SOCKSv4.

This package aims to add support for client TCP connections, with or
without SSL/TLS, to go over a SOCKS proxy, version 4, 4a or 5.

See the examples directory for an idea on how to use it.  You can run
the http example like this:

    cd examples; ln -s ../ .

You can start a SOCKSv4 proxy server in the foreground by issuing 

  twistd -n socks

Thanks to lebek for the Twisted magic needed to hook this in.

This package is being maintained by  Its canonical
pickup point is .