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MOSN is a network proxy written in Golang. It can be used as a cloud-native network data plane, providing services with the following proxy functions: multi-protocol, modular, intelligent, and secure. MOSN is the short name of Modular Open Smart Network-proxy. MOSN can be integrated with any Service Mesh which support xDS API. It also can be used as an independent Layer 4 or Layer 7 load balancer, API Gateway, cloud-native Ingress, etc.


As an open source network proxy, MOSN has the following core functions:

  • Support full dynamic resource configuration through xDS API integrated with Service Mesh.
  • Support proxy with TCP, HTTP, and RPC protocols.
  • Support rich routing features.
  • Support reliable upstream management and load balancing capabilities.
  • Support network and protocol layer observability.
  • Support mTLS and protocols on TLS.
  • Support rich extension mechanism to provide highly customizable expansion capabilities.
  • Support process smooth upgrade.


Use go get -u, or you can git clone the repository to $GOPATH/src/


  • If you need to use code before 0.8.1, you may needs to run the script to fix the import path.
  • If you are in Linux, you should modify the SED_CMD in, see the comment in the script file.



See our contributor guide.


Partners participate in MOSN co-development to make MOSN better.

End Users

The MOSN users. Please leave a comment here to tell us your scenario to make MOSN better!


See our community materials on

Visit the MOSN website for more information on working groups, roadmap, community meetings, MOSN tutorials, and more.

Scan the QR code below with DingTalk(钉钉) to join the MOSN user group.

Community meeting

MOSN community holds regular meetings.



MOSN enriches the CNCF CLOUD NATIVE Landscape.

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