And old project to prevent problems when intentionally not going to school.
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Absencoid is an old and largely unmaintained project for preventing problems when you are intentionally not going to school. The administrator manages timetables and changes and users are just writing down their absences and the application automatically counts absence percentage and percentage forecast for whole semester.

The application is licensed under WTFPL.

Warning: All code comments and user interface is in Czech. Class and function names are in English, fortunately.


  • Multiplatform, written in C++/Qt with NSIS installer for Windows.
  • Two editions, one for admin and one for users with simplified interface.
  • Ability to make backups and synchronize user installations with online updates.



  • CMake - for building
  • Qt

Compilation on Linux

The application doesn't have any packaging scripts for Linux distribution and actually it was used directly from the build dir.

mkdir -p build
cd build
cmake .. && make

If you want to compile admin version, run cmake with -DADMIN_VERSION=ON.

Compilation for Windows on ArchLinux

The Windows installer is generated using script and it probably works only in ArchLinux. Additional dependencies you need for crosscompiling:

  • nsis
  • mingw32-gcc
  • mingw32-qt

Then run ./ or ./ admin if you want to compile admin version.


Do you want to continue development of this application or use it for your purpose? Feel free to contact me at: