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Kompas navigation software
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Kompas is an portable navigation system with goal to be as multiplatform and extensible as possible. Its core library is written in pure C++ with no external dependencies, on top of it is Qt and SDL GUI. The application is licensed under LGPLv3.

This repository encapsulates these projects:

  • kompas-core - Core Kompas library
  • kompas-qt - Kompas GUI written in Qt
  • kompas-sdl - Kompas GUI written in SDL
  • kompas-plugins - Kompas plugins
  • kompas-plugins-nonfree - Non-free Kompas plugins
  • kompas-artwork - Complete Kompas artwork

INITIALIZATION (if you have this as Git repository)

This is a so-called Git superproject. The purpose of an superproject is to aggregate more projects into one repository, so the developer doesn't need to manage every project separately. Git doesn't automatically fetch all submodules upon cloning, it has to be done manually. To initialize submodules, run

git submodule init

This will initialize the submodule configuration in .git/config. You can then modify submodule URLs for your local setup, if you want. Then run

git submodule update

to fetch all sub-repositories. This command should be run after every git pull of this repository, but it can also cause data loss. More info in Git manual.


Recommended way is to compile and install every subproject manually, as every installable subproject contains also packaging scripts for some distributions. Everything what you need is then described in subprojects̈́' READMEs.

Or you can compile and install everything together.


Roughly these, but some plugins would probably require another dependencies, check READMEs in plugins/ and plugins-nonfree/ subdirectories.

  • CMake - for building
  • Qt - for Qt GUI
  • SDL - for SDL GUI

Compilation, installation

mkdir -p build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr .. && make
make install

If you want to build also unit tests (which are not built by default), pass -DBUILD_TESTS=True to CMake. Unit tests use QtTest framework.

Generating documentation

Kompas is documented via Doxygen. All you need is to have Doxygen, TeX (for mathematic formulas) and GraphViz (for dependency graphs) installed. Then run


in this directory (where the Doxyfile is). Resulting HTML documentation will be in build/doc/. Just open index.html and there it is!


Want to learn more about the application? Found a bug or want to tell me an awesome idea? Feel free to visit project website or contact me at:

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