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A no-nonsense, no-JavaScript CSS framework and Pelican theme for content-oriented websites. Join the chat at

Do you hate contemporary web development like I do? Do you also feel that it's not right for a web page to take seconds and megabytes to render? Do you want to write beautiful content but can't because the usual CMS tools make your blood boil and so you rather stay silent? Well, I have something for you.

Project website:

Pure CSS and HTML

Everything you need is a few kilobytes of compressed CSS. This framework has exactly 0 bytes of JavaScript because nobody actually needs it. Even for responsive websites.

Get the CSS

Designed for content

If you just want to write content with beautiful typography, you don't need forms, progressbars, popups, dropdowns or other cruft. You want fast iteration times.

Use it with Pelican

Authoring made easy

Code snippets, math, linking to docs, presenting photography in a beautiful way? Or making a complex page without even needing to touch HTML? Everything is possible.

Get Pelican plugins

Still not convinced? Head over to a detailed explanation of this project goals and design decisions.


Head over to the contribution guide to see how to make changes, verify the results and submit patches.


Want to learn more about m.css? Found a bug or want to share an awesome idea? Feel free to visit the project website or contact the author at:


See the CREDITS.rst file for details about contributors and third-party code involved in this project. Big thanks to everyone involved!


m.css is licensed under MIT/Expat license, see COPYING file for details.