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Third-party components

Contributors to Magnum Plugins library

Listing only people with code contributions, because otherwise there's too many :) Big thanks to everyone involved!

  • Alice Margatroid (@Alicemargatroid) -- DevilImageImporter, DrFlacAudioImporter and DrWavAudioImporter plugins, surround sound support in StbVorbisAudioImporter
  • Alexander F Rødseth (@xyproto) -- packages in the ArchLinux community repository
  • Bill Robinson (@wivlaro -- numerous bug reports and fixes
  • Jonathan Hale (@Squareys) -- AssimpImporter, DdsImporter and StbVorbisAudioImporter plugins
  • Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis (@costashatz) -- Debian package
  • Jonathan Mercier-Ganady (@Jmgr) -- build fixes
  • Nathan Ollerenshaw (@matjam) --- Ubuntu package updates, a PPA repository for stable versions
  • Nicholas "LB" Branden (@LB--) -- buildsystem improvements
  • Olga Turanksaya (@olga-python) -- Gentoo ebuild
  • Séverin Lemaignan (@severin-lemaignan) -- buildsystem fixes, bugreports
  • @sigman78 -- Initial MSVC 2017 port, Vcpkg package
  • Tobias Stein (@NussknackerXXL) -- TinyGltfImporter plugin

Is this list missing your name or something's wrong? Let us know!