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New Magnum website is here --- a stepping stone for what is to come

Date: 2018-01-03
tags:Doxygen, C++, m.css
summary:The new website does a better job at clearly presenting engine features and enables the team to share progress easier than before. Besides that, its development resulted in many valuable byproducts for both C++ developers and web content publishers.

One of greatest strengths that developed in Magnum over time is its modularity and flexibility. Until now the capabilities were not really well communicated, leading to false impression. The new Feature Overview pages with interactive architecture diagrams are designed to show modularity and extensibility as a core principle and the focus is now on improving and documenting the flexibility even further.

The Build Status page primary shows per-project, per-platform build status in a more detailed way than the binary "everything is awesome" / "something's broken" status badges from CI servers. There's also a new Documentation Downloads page that will be gradually filled with downloadable content for integrating Magnum docs into your projects or IDEs.


You may have noticed that the pages don't take long to load. Great effort was put into the overall website performance and responsiveness.

.. note-info::

    As a graphics developer I would be feeling *really bad* for presenting a
    designed-to-be-fast graphics engine with a sluggish website ;)

The website is built using m.css, a no-nonsense, no-JavaScript CSS framework. It was originally developed mainly to power this website, but thanks to its simplicity and lightweight approach it has already been adopted by numerous people since its release in late October 2017. Besides CSS style, m.css provides a theme for Pelican static site generator and a bunch of useful plugins for generating nicely highlighted code blocks, rendering math equations, and more.

Doxygen theme

The builtin Doxygen HTML output didn't really serve my expectations anymore and I needed something to match the website theme. That led to creating a m.css Doxygen theme, which uses XML output from Doxygen to produce a modern and responsive HTML5 markup.

You can see the Doxygen theme live at Please note that the theme is still a work-in-progress and some features (such as symbol search) are yet to be implemented. The documentation content is gradually proofread, updated, and improved to match the new theme.

Benefits for projects outside of Magnum

  • m.css, now with over 400 commits, extensive documentation, continuous integration and high test coverage, is production-ready. Definitely check it out if you are looking for something to publish your technical blog with, present a project or write documentation in.
  • 8 patches integrated to Doxygen, mostly related to the XML output, majority of them already included in version 1.8.14 that was released in December 2017.
  • 9 patches submitted to Pelican, improving support for sites spanning multiple subdomains, in large part still waiting to be merged upstream.
  • 2 patches to latex2svg that handles math rendering in m.css.
  • I am maintaining a friendly fork of Pygments with patches for improved C++ and GLSL syntax highlighting that are not integrated in any stable version yet.

Open content

All content on this site is coming from a :abbr:`reST <reStructuredText>` source that's processed to HTML using Pelican and then uploaded to Apache that's just serving static content. As straightforward as it can get. The full website content is publicly available on GitHub at :gh:`mosra/magnum-website`. Even :gh:`this very article <mosra/magnum-website$master/content/blog/meta/new-website-is-here.rst>`, see how it looks in its raw form:

Support & consulting

If you are looking to use Magnum in a bigger project and need consulting, training or dedicated support to ensure everything goes smooth, premium paid support is available. If you want to help the project, donations of any kind are very welcome. Thank you in advance for financial support, hardware donations, bug reports, code contributions or just letting the world know about Magnum.

Head over to the Contact & Support page for contact details.

What's next

There's a lot in the queue for the next weeks and the new website is the first stepping stone, allowing us to share the progress of everything that comes after. One of the more important things to be released is a public roadmap for Magnum, uncovering the feature priorities and future milestones. The open website content also lowers the barrier for contributions, enabling people to, for example, publish guest posts on the blog. But more on that later ;)

.. note-dim::

    Discussion: `Twitter <>`_,
    `Reddit <>`_,
    `Hacker News <>`_,
    `mailing list <!topic/magnum-engine/qRXQ_PA7hJQ>`_