A Cross-Platform, Open Silhouette Portrait Cutter/Plotter Driver
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Silhouette Portrait Control Library

Software for driving the Silhouette Portrait cutter/plotter under Linux (or anything else supporting pyUSB) based on observations of USB trafic generated by the official software. This may also be compatible with the Silhouette Cameo cutter but support for that device is entirely untested and unintended.

This project is extrememly experimental and is not currently intended for day-to-day use! Hopefully it will mature with time...

A huge amount of insight into this problem has come from the 'robocut' project. Since I only have a single device to play with I have started a new project to avoid breaking compatibility with existing devices. Also, my time is finite and I am simply far more comfortable with Python/GTK than C++/Qt.


It should be noted that I have adopted a policy of using device commands for which I have understood their purpose or whose ommision causes breakages in the common case. As such this means that this program may be mis-using the cutter possibly not engaging failsafes or even making use of undocumented behaviour. Use at your own risk!