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OCR and Watermark

This script will take a folder of images and do the following:

  • Create a folder with duplicates (so the originals are untouched) in the png format (in a 'copies' folder). PNG format is better for text documents.
  • Run an OCR program on the file and create a text file with the text in a 'ocr' folder.
  • Create a copy of the image with a water mark on the bottom in a 'marked' folder.

To run

  • Copy the ocrwm file into the directory with the images you would like to convert, watermark, copy, and/or ocr.
  • Make the file executable: chmod u+x ocrwm
  • call the script ocrwm [-copw] [-l "text"] [/path/to/folder]
  • or just call the file with bash bash ocrwm [-copw] [-l "text"] [/path/to/folder]


 c = Do NOT make a copy of the image. Usefull if copy has already been made using this script.
 l "<text>" = The text of the watermark
 o = Make OCR of image
 p = Create a PDF document using the png images in the 'copies' directory.
 w = Create a watermark copy of the image