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The primary firmware source code for USB HackRF devices is hackrf_usb. Most of
the other directories contain firmware source code for test and development.
The common directory contains source code shared by multiple HackRF firmware
projects. The cpld directory contains HDL source for the CPLD.
The firmware is set up for compilation with the GCC toolchain available here:
Required dependency:
If you are using git, the preferred way to install libopencm3 is to use the
$ cd ..
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ cd firmware/libopencm3
$ make
To build and install a standard firmware image for HackRF One:
$ cd hackrf_usb
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ hackrf_spiflash -w hackrf_usb.bin
If you have a Jawbreaker, add -DBOARD=JAWBREAKER to the cmake command.
If you have a rad1o, use -DBOARD=RAD1O instead.
It is possible to use a USB Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) method to load
firmware into RAM. This is normally only required to recover a device that has
had faulty firmware loaded, but it can also be useful for firmware developers.
For loading firmware into RAM with DFU you will need:
To start up HackRF One in DFU mode, hold down the DFU button while powering it
on or while pressing and releasing the RESET button. Release the DFU button
after the 3V3 LED illuminates.
A .dfu file is built by default when building firmware. Alternatively you can
use a known good .dfu file from a release package. Load the firmware into RAM
$ dfu-util --device 1fc9:000c --alt 0 --download hackrf_usb.dfu
It is important to update the CPLD whenever you are updating firmware and a new
CPLD image is available. See cpld/README for instructions.