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This is ancient code.  For a harder, better, faster, stronger implementation,
check out Samy's version:


This rudimentary code has been used to demonstrate opening of a garage door
with an IM-Me.  It may be useful as sample code for the transmission of Remote
Keyless Entry (RKE) signals or other On-Off Keying (OOK) signals.

The opensesame firmware implements the transmission of a fixed (hard coded)
code to the garage door opener.  Modern garage door openers use a rolling code.
This software does not implement rolling codes.  However, a fixed code can be
used once in a replay attack.  If an attacker can record a single code
transmitted by the remote (out of range of the garage), then the code can be
replayed to open the garage door.

For my demonstration, I used a USRP and GNU Radio to acquire the signal to be
replayed.  I used garage.grc (with GNU Radio Companion) and garage-decode.py to
decode the signal.  The input data was acquired at 390 MHz with a sample rate
of 500 ksps.