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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Read in two ublast results in blast tabular format:
# Transcriptome assembly to Protein database (Blastx-like)
# Protein database to transcriptome assembly (tBlastN-like)
# The script also needs the location of the original protein file,
# to get the Subject length for Ortholog Hit Ratios
# Output statistics:
# Number of unique best hits in assembly
# Number of proteins with hits in assembly
# Number of Reciprocal Best Hits
# Ortholog Hit Ratio
from __future__ import division
import sys,argparse
from Bio import SeqIO
helptext = '''
Usage: python -b blastx.results -t tblastn.results -p reference_proteins.fasta
def input_files_exist(file_list):
import os
for f in file_list:
if os.path.isfile(f):
sys.stderr.write("File {} not found!".format(f))
return False
return True
def read_subset(subset_filename):
return set([x.rstrip() for x in open(subset_filename).readlines()])
def get_protein_dict(protein_filename):
return SeqIO.to_dict(SeqIO.parse(protein_filename,'fasta'))
def blastx_parse(blastx_filename,protein_dict,subset_fn=None):
if subset_fn:
subset = read_subset(subset_fn)
blastx_dict = {}
OHR = []
blastx_file = open(blastx_filename)
with open(blastx_filename) as blastx_file:
for line in blastx_file:
hit = line.split('\t')
#NOTE: Change the next two lines if the delimiters are different for your files!
#contig = hit[0]#.split(' ')[0]
#peptide = hit[1] #.split('|')[0].upper()
contig,peptide = hit[0:2]
#OHR = Alignment Length / Subject Length
blastx_dict[contig] = peptide
return blastx_dict,OHR
def tblastn_parse(tblastn_filename,subset_fn = None):
if subset_fn:
subset = read_subset(subset_fn)
tblastn_dict = {}
with open(tblastn_filename) as tblastn_file:
for line in tblastn_file:
hit = line.rstrip().split('\t')
#NOTE: Change the next two lines if the delimiters are different for your files!
peptide = hit[0].rstrip() #.split("|")[0].upper()
contig = hit[1] #.split("|")[0].upper()
#print contig,peptide
tblastn_dict[peptide] = contig
return tblastn_dict
def find_reciprocal_best_hits(blastx_dict,tblastn_dict):
RBH = 0
for i in blastx_dict.keys():
j = tblastn_dict[blastx_dict[i]]
if i == j:
RBH += 1
except KeyError:
return RBH
def find_collapse_factor(tblastn_dict):
for prot in tblastn_dict:
contig = tblastn_dict[prot]
if contig in cf_dict:
cf_dict[contig] +=1
cf_dict[contig] = 1
avg_cf = sum(cf_dict.values())/len(cf_dict)
return avg_cf
def print_stats(blastx_dict,OHR,tblastn_dict,RBH,avg_cf):
print "Annotation statistics"
print "---------------------"
print "%i contigs had a best hit in the protein database!" % len(blastx_dict)
print "There were %i unique peptides found." % len(set(blastx_dict.values()))
print "The average Ortholog Hit Ratio was %.2f" % (sum(OHR)/len(OHR))
print "\nReverse Search Statistics"
print "---------------------------"
print "%i peptides had a best hit in the assembly!" %len(tblastn_dict)
print "There were %i unique contigs with hits." % len(set(tblastn_dict.values()))
print "There were %i reciprocal best hits!" % RBH
print "The average collapse factor was %.2f" % avg_cf
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=helptext,formatter_class=argparse.RawTextHelpFormatter)
parser.add_argument('-b','--blastx_fn', help="BLASTx tabular format file, standard fields",default=None)
parser.add_argument('-t','--tblastn_fn', help="tBLASTn tabular format file, standard fields",default=None)
parser.add_argument('-p','--protein_fn',help="FASTA file of reference proteins",default=None)
#parser.add_argument('--sub',help="Optional list of transcript IDs to use for calculations.",default=None)
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.blastx_fn and args.tblastn_fn and args.protein_fn:
if input_files_exist([args.blastx_fn,args.tblastn_fn,args.protein_fn]):
blastx_filename = args.blastx_fn
tblastn_filename = args.tblastn_fn
protein_filename = args.protein_fn
protein_dict = get_protein_dict(protein_filename)
blastx_dict,OHR = blastx_parse(blastx_filename,protein_dict)
tblastn_dict = tblastn_parse(tblastn_filename)
RBH = find_reciprocal_best_hits(blastx_dict,tblastn_dict)
avg_cf = find_collapse_factor(tblastn_dict)
if __name__ == '__main__':main()
#Read the protein file into a Dict for easy hashing.
#Read the blastx-like results
#Read tblastn-like results
#print blastx_dict.keys()[0:10]
#print tblastn_dict.keys()[0:10]
#Find Reciprocal Best Hits
#Find Collapse Factor