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This tutorial covers basic commands necessary for using the command line shell in UNIX-like operating systems, including MacOSX and Linux. It is aimed at biologists beginning the journey through bioinformatics, and introduces the user to moving around the directory file system, creating, moving, and renaming text files. It ends with a discussion of file permissions and introduces shell scripting for the first time. 

I first generated this tutorial for the Pleurocarp Moss Tree of Life workshop and software school in October 2013. 

If you are only interested in the tutorial, you only need introToCmdLine.pdf
The LaTeX file used to generate the tutorial is also provided. 

If you use the tutorial, please attribute me (Matt Johnson) and this github repository.
I assume no liability for your actions while using this tutorial. 

You are free to fork/download/modify the LaTeX template for your own use.