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This is an interface to Berkeley DB XML, distributed by Sleepycat
* Installation
.... first build bdb which is in '../src', and use this version of
bdb for use with bdbxml
.... modify './myconfig' to adapt it to your configuration
IMPORTANT : you must use a version of xercesc compiled *without* threads
.... This version must be used with [db-4.1.25, DbXml 1.1.0]
.... ruby extconf.rb
make install
.... if you want to make a shared version which use the object files
from ../src, specify the flag --with-bdb-objs when you run
ruby extconf.rb --with-bdb-objs
make install
Use this option if you work on Mac OS X : read also
* Documentation :
make rd2
make rdoc
* Copying
This extension module is copyrighted free software by Guy Decoux
You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same term as
Guy Decoux <>
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