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Neg 5 : Quizbowl for the Cloud


Neg 5 is a web based quizbowl tournament management system. It enables tournament directors to add collaborators to their tournaments for real-time tournament management. This ranges from managing teams and players to submitting match scoresheets electronically. Transitioning quizbowl to a cloud-based system has the potential to drastically reduce tournament waiting times, expediting the entire process.

Try it out at your next tournament!

Neg 5 is currently in the last stages of a transition phase to the next version. I've been changing the entire application and there's still a bit of work to do, but it's getting closer every day!

Current Features

  • Support for standard ACF and NAQT quizbowl tournament formats
  • Infinite number of collaborators at admin or non-admin levels
  • Team and player management
  • Manual match entry
  • Self-updating electronic scoresheets for match entry
  • Realtime statistics
  • And more!

Upcoming Features

  • Support for database upload
  • Eventual support for NAQT QBJ export
  • Realtime protest handling
  • Tournament chat
  • Built in timer for timed matches

I'd love to hear your ideas on what you'd like the application to support!


If you're interested in contributing to Neg 5's development, please see the Getting Started and Contributing guides.


Neg 5's documentation can be found in the docs directory in this Github repo. The SQL database schema is under docs/database.