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Bash Completion for vmc

This is a bash completion script for the Cloud Foundry command-line utility vmc.


To install this script, you need to source it into your bash shell. There are a number of different ways to do this. On Linux, you can just add the "vmc.sh" file to your /etc/bash_completion.d folder:

cd src/
git clone git://github.com/SpringSource/cloudfoundry-samples.git
cd cloudfoundry-samples/bash-completion
cp vmc.sh /etc/bash_completion.d/vmc

Then when you start a new shell, you should have completion support for vmc.

On a Mac, you could just source it from your .profile script:

vi ~/.profile
(at the bottom, add:)
. ~/src/cloudfoundry-samples/bash-completion/vmc.sh

Or you could get fancy and create a ~/.bash_completion.d directory and abscond with some code from the Ubuntu /etc/bash_completion script.


This will offer completion for all the options like --email and --password as well as all the commands like push, create-service, and the like.

Some commands have additional completion support. For instance, doing:

vmc create-service [tab][tab]

will give you a list of the available service names to provision. And:

vmc bind-service [tab][tab]

will give you a list of the services you have provisioned which are available to be bound.

It will also complete on application names. So setting an environment variable is easier:

vmc env [tab][tab]

will list the deployed applications.