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GSoC 2014 Ideas Page (ported)

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MDO is proud to announce our application for GSoC 2014!

Below you will find our ideas page and additional student proposal information.


Create most excellent ideas for 2015

Mentors: TBD

Difficulty: Super Hard

MDO wants to get a jump start on 2015, because we are excellently organized, and as such we need to start coming up with ideas to have students work on in 2015. The deliverables here will be a multitude of excellent ideas that the 2015 students can work on


  • Ability to predict the future
  • People skills

##Find the best tea in the universe Mentors: Meflin

Difficulty: Superman Hard

MDO takes our tea consumption VERY seriously, and as such we need to discover the supplier of the best tea in the universe. This will be a lengthy search, and will require vast samplings of tea. Travel to remote locations may be needed to find this tea. Students will also need to take surveys of the mentors to discover what the best tea should taste like, and resolve discrepancies amongst conflicting mentor requirements. Weekly updates will be required.


  • May require extensive travel (paid for by student) to remote and bizarre locations
  • People skills
  • Extensive knowledge of Tea (Coffee experience also a plus)
  • Teleportation abilities, or super speed a plus

Available mentors:

  • downey

##Find a better website software to run Mentors: John 'Warthog9' Hawley

Difficulty: Medium

MDO currently runs on Google Code, however we have desires to use our domain name,, more extensively. Students job will be to discover the most desirable software to run our side, and port our google code site over to it.

Requirements for the site:

  • Must be able to generate static pages
  • Must allow for dynamic content updates
  • Must be scalable in the cloud
  • Must run well on the backup machine, A.K.A. K-9's master controller
  • Must be easy to backup
  • Must look amazing in lynx, elinks, Chrome and Firefox, while looking horrible in I.E. Requirements:
  • Extensive knowledge of the most desirable web software
  • Knowledge of web best practices

Walking K-9

Mentors: John 'Warthog9' Hawley

Difficulty: Easy

MDO's unofficial mascot, the robot dog named K-9, needs to be taken for regular walks without getting wet. Seeing as K-9 resides in one of the rainiest places on the planet, students will need to devise mechanisms to keep K-9 dry and safe, while providing his daily exercise routine.


  • Aversion to rain
  • Robotic pet skills
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering a plus

Make Meflin say "Yes"

Mentor: Calchan

Difficulty: don't even bother.

MDO's most desirable grumpy cat is stuck in "No" mode. Unstuck him.


  • Most Desirable Skills are unknown to us.

Automatic GSoC Meme Generator

Mentor: downey

Difficulty: Medium-Hard-ish

GSoC is a magnificent organization, but it lacks automatic meme generation, which we would find most desirable. This project may be done in any language (raw assembly, perl, python, ruby, java, c, c++, bash, ksh, etc) but it must have the ability to automatically make witty, pithy and awesome memes about GSoC.


  • Knowing what a meme is
  • Knowing how to generate awesome memes


  • So meme. Much GSoC. Wow.
  • GSoC Memes page on Mentor Summit Wiki

Create the Most Desirable Logo

Mentor: TBD

Difficulty: nearly impossible

We are the Most Desirable Organization, however we do not have the Most Desirable Logo. You can solve this. Through rigorous testing, iteration and complex computation we expect you to make us the Most Desirable Logo


  • Ability to make logos
  • Better artistic skills than John 'Warthog9' Hawley

Logo to SVG converter

Mentor: TBD

Difficulty: Probably easier than we think

The intention of this project is to convert LOGO commands into a proper SVG file format. That's pretty much it, and rather straight forward (2 spaces) as it gets.


  • Understanding of LOGO
  • Understanding of SVG
  • A programming language to do this in

Automatic GSoC project chooser

Mentor: TKO

Difficulty: totally easy-peasy

We have found that many students suffer from decision paralysis when it comes to choosing a GSoC project. To help out those students, we want to have a Wheel-of-fortune type spinner on our website that allows one to let the random number generator choose which project they should work on.

The ideal student will be able to implement this in Javascript and HTML5, and make it look snazzy while supporting all major browsers except IE, because this is open source, yo. It must parse the ideas wiki page to get data, so that it is automatically updated to include any new project ideas. There will be no backend for this -- it must all be done on the front end so that we can just cut and paste it into some file on github and have it work.

Stretch goals include spinners for different difficulties, and the ability to parse other wiki ideas pages for other orgs so that every GSoC mentoring org can use our Most Desirable Code.


  • Experience with Javascript
  • Experience with HTML5 graphics stuff: CSS Animations, Canvas, WebGL
  • Ability to write a web page scraper and parser

Fix the internet, starting with the "meme" misunderstanding

Mentor: gevaerts

Difficulty: Very hard

The internet seems to believe that a meme is a mildly interesting picture with some marginally witty comment added to it. This is wrong. Also, the resulting image-with-caption tends to be as unfunny as the creator thinks it's funny.

Your task will be to fix this.

Stretch goals include explaining to the world that "folder" is not a correct metaphor on filesystems that support hardlinks, and the term "directory" should be used there instead.


  • Knowing what a meme really is


Improved mind-reading for Google Search

Mentor: Calchan

Difficulty: trivial

When internet users perform a search using Google Search, what they are really looking for is our most desirable project page. Make every Google Search result link to Perks include the satisfaction of having fixed Google Search, this time for good.


  • Access to source code of Google Search



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