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Ada bindings for the player robotic platform
Ada C
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AUTHORS Updated documentation after sonar contribution.
CHANGES Final messing
player-aux.adb Final messing comment indentation fixed
player-blobfinder.adb Final messing
player-client-c.c Final messing
player-client.adb unused Ada.Text_IO package reference removed Final messing
player-debug.adb Final messing Final messing Final messing
player-exceptions.adb Final messing Final messing
player-gps.adb comment indentation fixed
player-graphics2d-buffered.adb Final messing Final messing
player-graphics2d-double.adb Final messing Final messing
player-graphics2d.adb Final messing
player-interfaces.adb fresh flag support
player-laser.adb formatting cleanup comment indentation fixed
player-localize.adb Final messing Final messing
player-multi_client.adb Final messing Final messing
player-planner.adb Final messing
player-position2d.adb Final messing
player-simulation.adb Final messing Final messing
player-sonar.adb support for sonar interface added laser comment cleaned up from sonar
player-types.adb Final messing Final messing Final messing
player.adb Final messing support for sonar interface added
player2_ada.gpr Final messing
player3_ada.gpr Changed paths to match robot-player package


A binding for the Player/Stage robotic platform.

Player-Ada is a not-so-thin binding to the libplayerc client library which is
distributed as part of the Player/Stage multi-robot interface/simulator software:

Tested with: GNAT GPL 2009/2010
To use it, simply add this line to your project file:
with "/path/to/player3_ada.gpr";

The included Makefile is for stand-alone building of the static library for
testing purposes (correct full compilation). It's not needed to include the
library in your programs; the preferred method is the one shown above, which
permits selecting several compilation options in the GPS scenario view.

For other compilers, follow the necessary procedures for compilation of C and
Ada files.

If you need some interface not already bound, you may use some of the existing
ones for reference, as the process is pretty straightforward. In that case, 
contributing back your changes will be very welcome

Current version
Note: these numbering versions applied to the versions packaged in Sourceforge.
Current versions, hosted in GitHub, might have tags following the same pattern.

The three first digits match the Player version used for testing. 
The last digit is for Player-Ada versioning under a same Player release.

This means that the library has been tested against player 3.0.1 and that
it is the third release within that player version (first would be

See LICENSE file.

See AUTHORS file.

Latest version of this library is hosted at
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