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Writing Docs

Tips and templates for writing @most/core docs.

Combinator template


Template for writing docs for an API function.

  1. Copy and paste into appropriate enclosing doc (probably api.rst)
  2. Complete each todo
  3. Make sure all todos have been removed before pushing
.. todo:: Anchor link: function name with leading underscore
.. todo:: Function name heading


.. todo:: Type signature
name :: (a -> b) -> Stream a -> Stream b
.. todo:: Short description

Short description of what it does. Usually just 1-3 sentences, but may be multiple paragraphs if needed.:

.. todo:: Ascii diagram. For example:
stream: -a-b-c-d-> map(f, stream): -f(a)-f(b)-f(c)-f(d)->
.. todo:: *Optionally* add a longer explanation, or delete if not necessary.

Add more explanation only if necessary. Otherwise, just delete this.

.. todo:: Simple Javascript usage example
map(x => x + 1, stream)