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test: coffee-dep
@find test -name '*' | xargs -n 1 -t coffee
dev: generate-js
@coffee -wc --bare -o lib src/
VERSION = $(shell coffee src/
publish: npm-dep generate-js
git commit --allow-empty -a -m "release $(VERSION)"
git tag v$(VERSION)
git push origin master
git push origin v$(VERSION)
npm publish
@make remove-js
install: npm-dep generate-js
npm install
@make remove-js
generate-js: coffee-dep
@coffee -c --bare -o lib src/
@rm -fr lib/
@test `which npm` || echo 'You need npm to do npm install... makes sense?'
@test `which coffee` || echo 'You need to have CoffeeScript in your PATH.\nPlease install it using `brew install coffee-script` or `npm install coffee-script`.'
.PHONY: all