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Sock Shop(microservice demo application) for OpenShift
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Sock Shop on OpenShift

This repository is for running Sock Shop on Openshift. Original Sock Shop kubernetes manifests need full access to Kubernetes API. Therefore we can't Sock Shop on OpenShift using original those without any modifications. However, manifests in this have been modified to run on OpenShift without cluster-admin privilege.

$ oc new-project sock-shop
$ oc apply -f complete-demo.yaml
deployment.extensions/carts-db created
service/carts-db created
deployment.extensions/carts created
service/carts created

$ oc expose service/front-end exposed

$ oc get route
NAME        HOST/PORT                                           PATH      SERVICES    PORT      TERMINATION   WILDCARD
front-end             front-end   web                     None
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