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Passive tools to monitor my electronic life.
Many of these are cron'd to run nightly.

To get these to work, rename to

* disk usage for
* # days ago moneydance data file was last modified
* # days ago backups were made of hard drives, phones, cameras
* counts
* counts
* media pc (boxee) counts
* browsing
  * can i programmatically get the number of chrome tabs open?
  * number pages visited today (parsed from chrome history file?)
* google
  * number gws searches today
  * total file usage, num files
  * calendar (time spent in meetings per day)
* steam api
  * # hours played today?  (bummer can't do this, it looks like)

* some of this stuff is for yesterday (microblog, uptime, loads, etc) some of
  it is for today; would be nice if i output yesterdays datetime for the
  others, so as not to throw off stats like "how much coding do you do per