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MOTECH's Current Capabilities

The latest version of MOTECH is 1.0. We recognize that open source projects rapidly develop with many contributors adding a piece at a time. This document focuses on the capabilities of MOTECH right now and will remain updated regardless of the current release. We're keeping a list of future features on our roadmap .

Below is a list of features currently available in MOTECH:

  • Administration
    • Manage modules through the user interface. MOTECH is a modular system that allows you to add specific features and connections through modules. Administrators are able to install, configure and manage modules through the user interface.
    • Role based access controls, audit logs, password requirements and many other security and auditing capabilities
    • Create user defined entities (MySQL database tables, lookups and relationships) through the user interface
  • Tasks
    • Wire up events in MOTECH through the UI with the tasks module
    • The tasks module is the primary method to act on events in MOTECH. Each interaction raises an event in MOTECH which can trigger a task and perform a corresponding action.
    • Run tasks on a user defined schedule, configurable through the UI.
    • Interact with systems over intermittent internet connections:
      • Push button retries allow administrators to retry a task when they know the other system is available
      • Users are now able to define retry schedules. For example, if the system is down now, a user can try to retry it on 6, 12 and 24 hour increments.
      • Users are now able to naming triggers, datasources and actions which is more user friendly.
    • Query and Update any MDS table by task action.
  • Interfaces
    • Web Browser
      • End users can directly interact with the MOTECH interface through a web browser
      • End users can collect form data in Enketo, which posts to an xform based system (, KoBo Toolbox or ODK Aggregate), which then forwards to MOTECH.
    • Commcare two-way integration
      • Configure multiple connections to Commcare projects
      • Receive and act on forwarded forms and cases from CommCare
      • Import historical forms
      • Import forms/cases by ID
      • Connect to Commcare's data, fixture and location APIs to supplement tasks
      • Interact with supply quantities in CommCare supply
      • Create/Update case properties from MOTECH
      • Post forms from a MOTECH Task action to CommCare (currently support simple forms without logic)
    • Mobile Data Collection
      • Collect data on Android phones using ODK Collect, ODK Scan or Ona Collect. The data is forwarded from, Kobo Toolbox or ODK Aggregate to MOTECH
    • SMS Integration
      • Send and receive SMS from MOTECH through integration with an SMS aggregater with predefined configurations for popular systems including:
      • Create a JSON SMS template to easily connect to a specific Mobile Network Operator
      • Integration with RapidPro allowing us to create, update and delete contacts as well as initiate flows and respond to webhooks.
    • IVR Integration
      • Initiate outgoing calls from MOTECH by integrating with a mobile network operator
      • Integration with RapidPro allowing us to create, update and delete contacts as well as initiate flows and respond to webhooks.
  • Modules
    • OpenMRS Integration through their REST API
      • Create/Update Patients and Program Enrollment in OpenMRS
      • Create Order, Observation groups by Create Encounter action, Encounters and Observations
      • Update Patient Identifiers
      • Query Patient, Person, Program, Observation, Relationships, Program Enrollments from OpenMRS
      • Sync Patient and program information between OpenMRS and another system (CommCare, DHIS2,, etc.)
      • Fetch Patient and Encounter atom feeds with the given page IDs declared in OpenMRS Configuration.
    • Perform Message Campaigns
      • MOTECH is able to perform SMS, voice and email message campaigns directly to communities and front line workers
    • Pill Reminder System
      • Enroll users in a custom pill regimen and send per-user reminders for their specific medication
    • mTraining (remote training over SMS/IVR)
      • Conduct structured courses through basic phones using SMS and IVR technologies
      • Quiz participants and achieve milestones as they work through your curriculum
      • Print lists of participants who have completed the curriculum
    • Consume Facility, Provider and Organization information based on the IHE Care Services Discovery profile
      • Connect to a CSD provider such as OpenInfoMan via REST or SOAP and store the data in the MOTECH Data Services system.
  • Reporting
    • DHIS2 one-way push integration
      • Configure a single connection to a DHIS2 server
      • Create tracked entity instances
      • Enroll tracked entities in DHIS2 programs
      • Push program stage events
      • Send aggregate data values and value sets
    • Collect live metrics with GraphiteJS
      • MOTECH can interact with a GraphiteJS server, allowing you to collect live metrics and create dashboards to determine how your implementation is performing.
    • ETL Connections to Pentaho and Jasper Reports