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package atom
import (
// Feed represents atom feed
type Feed struct {
Links Links `xml:"link"`
Title string `xml:"title"`
Subtitle string `xml:"subtitle"`
Entries []Entry `xml:"entry"`
// Entry represents atom entry
type Entry struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:" entry"`
ID string `xml:"id,omitempty"`
Links Links `xml:"link"`
Author Author `xml:"author,omitempty"`
Title string `xml:"title"`
Updated *time.Time `xml:"updated,omitempty"`
Published *time.Time `xml:"published,omitempty"`
Edited *time.Time `xml:"edited,omitempty"`
Content Content `xml:"content"`
Category []Category `xml:"category,omitempty"`
Control *Control `xml:" control,omitempty"`
CustomURL string `xml:" custom-url,omitempty"`
// Link represents atom link
type Link struct {
Rel string `xml:"rel,attr"`
Href string `xml:"href,attr"`
// Links represents atom links
type Links []Link
// Author represents atom author
type Author struct {
Name string `xml:"name"`
// Content represents atom content
type Content struct {
Type string `xml:"type,attr,omitempty"`
Content string `xml:",chardata"`
// Category represents atom category
type Category struct {
Term string `xml:"term,attr"`
// Control represents atom control
type Control struct {
Draft string `xml:" draft"`
// Parse parses an atom xml from r and returns Feed
func Parse(r io.Reader) (*Feed, error) {
feed := &Feed{}
err := xml.NewDecoder(r).Decode(feed)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return feed, nil
// ParseEntry parses an atom xml from r and returns Entry
func ParseEntry(r io.Reader) (*Entry, error) {
entry := &Entry{}
err := xml.NewDecoder(r).Decode(entry)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return entry, nil
// Find finds the Link from links by a specified string argument
func (links Links) Find(rel string) *Link {
for _, link := range links {
if link.Rel == rel {
return &link
return nil
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