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A prototype linter which checks the indentation and the correctness of Jinja-like/HTML templates. Can fix issues.

It works with Django’s templates too, it should work with Twig and similar template languages. It should work fine with any kind of HTML 4 and 5, however XHTML is not supported.

This linter parses both HTML and Jinja tags and will report mismatched tags and indentation errors:

    {% if something %}
{% endif %}
  {% if something %}
 <div> not indented properly
   {% endif %}
{% if something %}<a href="somewhere">{% endif %}
{% if not something %}</a>{% endif %}


You need Python 3. Jinjalint doesn’t work with Python 2. Install it with pip install jinjalint (or pip3 install jinjalint depending on how pip is called on your system), then run it with:

$ jinjalint template-directory/


$ jinjalint some-file.html some-other-file.html

This is a work in progress. Feel free to contribute 🙃

Usage with pre-commit git hooks framework

Add to your .pre-commit-config.yaml:

-   repo:
    rev: ''  # select a tag / sha to point at
    -   id: jinjalint

Make sure to fill in the rev with a valid revision.

Note: by default this configuration will only match .jinja and .jinja2 files. To match by regex pattern instead, override types and files as follows:

    -   id: jinjalint
        types: [file]  # restore the default `types` matching
        files: \.(html|sls)$


Jinjalint is powered by Parsy. Parsy is an extremely powerful library and Jinjalint’s parser relies heavily on it. You have to read Parsy’s documentation in order to understand what’s going on in