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Wrapper around lzmq library to be compatiable with lua-zmq library
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Wrapper around lzmq library to be compatiable with lua-zmq library

  • Context
  • Socket
  • Message
  • Poller
  • Tests

General notes

  • Object can be either userdata or table. I do not consider underlying type like part of public API.
  • I do not consider error message format as part of lua-zmq API so this library provide its own variant.
  • Convert to string of object now is not compatiable (except for zmq.zmq_msg_t class)
  • libzmq has changed since 2.x version and some functionlity not avaliable (e.g. ZMQ_HWM or ZMQ_SWAP options). This library do not provide any emulation for such cases.
  • lua-zmq in some cases returns second nil value (e.g. zmq.zmq_msg_t.init() returns new message and nil as second value, socket:setopt() returns true and nil as second value). lzmq-zmq returns only one value.
  • stopwatch timer can not be restarted in lua-zmq, but lzmq-zmq allows stop and then restart it.


  • lua-zmq do not close sockets when terminate context but just hang-up forever when try do it and there exists alive sockets. lzmq-zmq closes all opend sockets before terminate context.


  • lzmq-zmq provides set function with and without set_ prefix. lua-zmq exports function only with one name. E.g. skt:set_linger but no skt:linger and skt:subscribe but no skt:set_subscribe.

  • Socket object has one additional method skt:socket() which returns lzmq.socket object. This function need to uset with original lzmq.poller calss and is not part of original lua-zmq API


  • lzmq-zmq keep data on resize message. if you have message hello world and then you call msg:set_size(5) then message will contain hello, but lua-zmq does not save such data and it will contain garabage but because of memory allocator it may have correct result.


This library uses lzmq.poller class directly.

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