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Mothership Refer a Friend: Discount Rewards

The Message\Mothership\DiscountReward cogule is a library that plugs into the <a href=""">Refer a Friend cogule, allowing users to receive a discount reward for referring someone to the e-commerce site.

This cogule includes:

Reward types:

  • Discount reward - A discount reward for the referrer.


  • Order create - The reward is triggered when the referred user creates an order, i.e. they buy something. The specific event that is being listened for is the OrderEvents::CREATE_COMPLETE event.


  • Minimum order - A magic constraint that will be cloned by the MinumumOrderFactory for each currency registered in the currency.yml config file. This sets how much the total gross of the order must be for the reward creation to be triggered.
  • Timeout - A constraint that determines how long (in days) the referred user has to create an order. If the referral has timed out, it will update the status to expired.
    • TODO: Create cron task to automatically update timeouts

Reward options

  • Discount type - Set whether the discount is a percentage value or a specific amount.
  • Percentage value - If the discount type is set to Percentage, this sets the value of that percentage
  • Set amount - A magic reward type that will be cloned by the SetAmountFactory for each currency registered in the currency.yml config file. If the discount type is set to a specific amount, this determines what value the discount has, for each currency.