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conanca commented Dec 17, 2012

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mothran commented Dec 17, 2012

You make a good point and I wish there was a better way, but I can reach the most people using this platform. How would you have done it differently?

shizhao commented Dec 17, 2012

No Stop, No Censor!

interjc commented Dec 17, 2012

try google code,not github for this

You may upload to your own blog, or some cloud disk like skydrive.

You know,every foreign website will be blocked in China,sooner or later...But we stile hope it would be,PLZ remove this niubility project from github,every Chinese programmer will thank you.

@mothran Dude, 1st don't be scared. No worries and don't stop. But DO consider putting the code somewhere else as people have raised concerns (although I think it's NOT necessary), Google Code may be a good choice because it has already been blocked I belive lol.

Anyway, if GitHub is blocked they can always use alternatives like GitCafe. I would assume most GitHub users are technical enough to pass through GFW via SSH Tunnel, VPN (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN), etc. You'll be stunned to see how Chinese Netizens have evolved under the influence of GFW over the last few years;-)

songgao commented Dec 17, 2012

This is not something that even has potential to help circumvent the GFW. It's just a piece of code that finds out the IP address of GFW router. The router address is not intended to be hidden anyway. Why would China block Github for this?

@songgao Do you really believe that the goverment of China needs A reason to block some websites? Come on!

GFW has G-spots all around and can be turned on for anything.

shizhao commented Dec 17, 2012

Please keep technology neutral. The is just a project about technical.

Chinese wikipedia:
My blog:


2012/12/17 42thcoder

@songgao Do you really believe that the
goverment of China needs A reason to block some websites? Come on!

GFW has G-spots all around and can be turned on for anything.

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Github has already been blocked and unblocked several times ...

@terrywang I totally agree with you.

ws3389 commented Dec 17, 2012

Don't be scared. "不要自我阉割"

bitinn commented Dec 17, 2012

People need to calm down and realize this tool merely serves as a easier way to identify and collect "public information" about GFW (traceroute is not state-secret).

If it were a tool to circumvent GFW or effectively damage the infrastructure, then github will be blocked in a matter of hours (given the active monitoring on social network).

I think the key here is to update your readme file to clearly reflect the purpose of this tool. Many twitter/facebook api client source code were hosted on github and so far github is not blocked (yet).

fnu commented Dec 17, 2012

Don't be scared. "不要自我阉割"

Why don't you "elites" or "fighters" above serve it yourself ?

zhlsk commented Dec 17, 2012

This speech demonstrates how self-censorship works in China.

w3bward commented Dec 18, 2012

I think that there's no reason to put the code elsewhere. For citizens of countries around the world to censor themselves because the government of one country doesn't respect the rights of expression and communication would effectively limit those rights to the least common denominator, so to speak.

hyspace commented Dec 18, 2012

I wish every one here could pass GFW in a physical way some day.

it is self-killing

fiigii commented Dec 18, 2012

I know you were afraid.Who wouldn't be?

chaod commented Dec 18, 2012

Hostlist. TXT inside to fill all the Chinese IP to find GFW IP ?

if not ,The write or this prohibited websites?

Please forgive my English is not good .

And Tell me how to use it to real find GFW . thanks!

n0wa11 commented Dec 20, 2012

DO NOT self-censor.

hardywu commented Dec 21, 2012

在GFW的背后是一帮无良的程序员。这类人喊着技术中立,却构建,维护,完善GFW的功能 --阉割。而其中有一撮人当自己需要的服务受到威胁时,不敢向流氓抗议,反而给流氓做打手以期望流氓手下留情。

hardywu commented Dec 21, 2012

@yinian1992 关我屁事。找威胁这个服务的人去。


inntran commented Dec 22, 2012



在GFW的背后是一帮无良的程序员。这类人喊着技术中立,却构建,维护,完善GFW的功能 --阉割。而其中有一撮人当自己需要的服务受到威胁时,不敢向流氓抗议,反而给流氓做打手以期望流氓手下留情。

mapcan commented Dec 22, 2012


@yinian1992 谁墙你的,你找谁去。这道理都不明白?

rockia commented Dec 22, 2012

Don't negotiate with terrorist. Technology is neutral !

inntran commented Dec 22, 2012


mapcan commented Dec 22, 2012


inntran commented Dec 22, 2012


@yinian1992 我用github的服务,又没有违反github的规则。为什么不能在此托管。

accthun commented Dec 22, 2012


@inntran 还是那句话,谁墙你,你去找谁,这才是正常逻辑嘛。不要把自己看重的当作西瓜,别人看重的就当芝麻。

@yinian1992 我是否把我的网站弄墙好像和你没有什么关系吧。难道我的网站被墙了,我就能在此说话? 没被墙就不能在此说话?

即使不是因为这个项目,也会有其他项目会造成github被封,google code和sourcefore不是也经常被封吗?不会翻墙的程序员不是好程序员。最初学翻墙就是因为sourceforge被封。拆墙是所有良知的中国的程序员的共同目标。不应该自我审查,多鼓励有这种类似的程序放上来,一种翻墙的手段被封锁了,我们就用其他的方式,直到墙倒的一天。

@yinian1992 我之前提自我审查了吗? 而且是否自我审查,和被墙好像没有关系吧。我之前写的东西,在国内不会被墙,因为要被墙的东西压根就发不出来。 如果是写在国外的。那早已经被墙了。

@yinian1992 谁想代表所有人了?

inntran commented Dec 22, 2012


n0wa11 commented Dec 22, 2012




inntran commented Dec 22, 2012


n0wa11 commented Dec 22, 2012

After the selection of totalitarian regimes in China in the past 2000 years, especially under the specially intensive measures taken in the past 60 years, a new sub-species of homo sapiens, commonly called "Liang Min", is by far successfully cultivated.

Liang Min demonstrated resilient survival skills in a environment completely voided of personal freedom. Liang Min is skilled at avoiding any confrontation with any party that holds a strong position, rationalising these parties' actions, however detriment to their own interest, and helping persecuting their peers or those in an even weaker position.

The discussion held in this thread is a good opportunity for those new to the topic to observe Liang Min's behaviour.

inntran commented Dec 22, 2012

@n0wa11 辛苦了,不过中国之外的人可能很难理解。。。

pzgz commented Dec 22, 2012


inntran commented Dec 22, 2012

@pzgz 。。。别上来就定性啊,我看出发点都是好的。

@mothran don't stop, your project will be helpful to break the GFW!

@conanca @yinian1992 对你们只有一个态度,鄙视! 尤其是 @yinian1992 ,貌似还是在校生,只会功利的利己主义,没骨气!

jacky-q commented Dec 22, 2012

@mothran NO STOP,no self-censorship

Please KEEP GOING! It may help so many people all over the world.

pzgz commented Dec 22, 2012

@inntran 我就是一个观点,别自我阉割,作为一个合格的程序员,翻墙是必备的技术,lz提出这样的问题,真是非常愚蠢的一种行为(对事不对人),还有提出技术该中立之类的看法的,难道GFW采用的不是技术?用的是法力难道是?


github is already blocked in some China internet. There has no need to stop this.

Every Chinese coders MUST know how to CROSS GFW, isn't it one of the BASIC SKILL? Don't stop, @mothran I'm on your side.

DON'T stop,please.
we have technology can bypass our firewall. 👍

goog commented Dec 22, 2012

if ch does block the github, Linus will change the license of the Linux kernel ! go to sleep ,guys



@conanca 你可以点击那个Close关闭这个issue。



@mothran Do not worry about anything,many other project who resist the GFW also use github,and from here you can study some social phenomenon happened in a totalitarian state.If you have friends who know chinese it will be good.


Man,you dare call yourself a developer?
You are NOT a developer,you are a PROGRAMED PUSSY

seansay commented Dec 22, 2012

@mothran don't stop

Fork 以示对项目的支持


voidman commented Dec 22, 2012

stop 你妹!

Zola commented Dec 22, 2012

do not stop, keep going.

keep going!

If github got blocked,this kind of non-technical argument won't happen,so I hope GFW block github as soon as possible.

@googol4u '拆墙是所有良知的中国的程序员的共同目标'


mothran commented Dec 22, 2012

@conanca, I will not 嘲笑 you.

Ok well this has been wonderfully fun, but I think I have lost a lot in translation. I am going to keep the code on github and see what happens. I am also going to close this issue for now and move on to working on the next major update to Mongol.

Also for the record I can use google translate but I am not able to read Chinese and there is a massive loss in the translation procese.

mothran closed this Dec 22, 2012

Don't be scared. "不要自我阉割"

I support the project.

The ones who like to be slaves, nobody cares you. But PLEASE DO NOT come here and call others to be with you. You deserve the CURSES.


liudian commented Dec 24, 2012

@conanca @yinian1992 两个奴才. 你们为自己争取利益没有错误, 但是你们找错了对象, 所有的错误都再GFW, github和这个项目的作者没有任何错误.

shizhao commented Dec 24, 2012


@yinian1992 这几句我本来就只是活译,英文和中文的语序都不一样。英文里 slave 比较通俗,能表达清楚意思就行。你要想精确,自己用英文和会英语不会汉语的人解释,不需要用汉语解释,这些意思会汉语的一般都懂。



pzgz commented Dec 25, 2012

@universe22 别着急

@YaleHuang 那是反话,注意看人家那最后一句话,呵呵

@pzgz 谢谢提醒,为保险起见,我先删了那些冒犯的话。

@YaleHuang 如果你说的是反话,我为刚才那条冒犯的 post (我已自行删掉)道歉。如果不是从反话的角度理解,五毛经常说这种风格的话,只凭那句话,我实在分辨不出是正话还是反话。


@conanca 建议你点击右下角的Close按钮。

Don't be afraid!

n0wa11 commented Jan 18, 2013

恭喜 github 再次获得 gfw 认证。楼上几个不会翻墙的傻逼正在抓狂吧。哈哈。

@n0wa11 这回应该不是 gfw 认证的,是那些抢火车票的插件闹的,弄得像 dos 攻击一样。现在不翻墙也可以正常访问。

HTTPS 正常,HTTP 子域名的项目网址都撞墙了

@POPOEVER 哦。我几乎不用 http 访问这里,所以没发觉。那有可能是 GFW 又认证了。

@universe22 子域名的项目地址有 HTTPS 吗?没有吧?

@POPOEVER 我在这上面只有 private repos, 而且是用的 git 客户端的 ssh 方式来操作。麻烦你在搞清楚情况之前,语气不要这么咄咄逼人 :)

另外:我也没有用子项目 http 网址直接访问的习惯,一般都是用的 https,比如这个 repo 就是:, notification mails 里带的网址也是 https 的。

n0wa11 commented Jan 19, 2013

@universe22 只要还有地沟油吃,pm2.5 500 的空气呼吸,ssh 还可以用,就不忘感谢党和国家,低头,继续找食吃。

@n0wa11 大哥,你这就扯远了吧,我上面怎么骂 tg 和五毛的你也看到了。GFW 有多操蛋,tg 有多傻比,每天骂一百遍也不为过。但是你总不能说我没有看到确实的证据,就让我非要认同你的话吧?这感谢sb党和国家的话,你到底是指谁的?

上面回复的时候,我确实没发觉 http 不能访问,原因也说清楚了,也说了可能是 GFW 认证了。你现在来这么一句是什么意思?想吵架我奉陪,而且很乐于此。

goog commented Jan 19, 2013

hot again

universe22 notifications@github.com编写:

@n0wa11 大哥,你这就扯远了吧,我上面怎么骂 tg 和五毛的你也看到了。GFW 有多操蛋,tg 有多傻比,每天骂一百遍也不为过。但是你总不能说我没有看到确实的证据,就让我非要认同你的话吧?这感谢sb党和国家的话,你到底是指谁的?

上面回复的时候,我确实没发觉 http 不能访问,原因也说清楚了,也说了可能是 GFW 认证了。你现在来这么一句是什么意思?想吵架我奉陪,而且很与此。

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#1 (comment)

@universe22 我是说一些公开的项目,比如这个

acgism commented Jan 19, 2013

每一次有什麼事件發生,總是感覺這是在測試國人智商.....只要有國人可以到達得地方,你總是能看到那麼以一兩個二傻子在那裡吵,有時候真心覺得 GFW 某種程度或者是某種角度來說也是個好東西 - - #地圖炮

@POPOEVER 我知道你的意思,我只是在解释我没有发现 http 被墙的原因,因为我很少用 http 方式访问。你可能用的比较多,但不能这样就认为其他人都是这样的,就应该知道这个。

@acgism 你不要以为只有中国人吵,你多混混 stackoverflow 或者 comp.lang.c++ 之类的 mailing-lists,就知道做这行的吵得天翻地覆,fuck, damn, troll 之类的满天飞,那是家常便饭。区别只是中国人总是无边无际的跑题,最后都不知道最初在吵什么。这几天的争论是从 github 有没被墙开始的,我之前都围绕着这个在说吧?你这种话首先自身就跑题了,然后又容易让其他人生气,跟着跑题,我现在就是不得不跟着你跑题了。

UPDATE: 既然都跑题了,干脆跑远点吧。我今天有空,对敢于公然声称放地图炮的人也很好奇的,就去看了下你的 profile 和 repos。顺便就点进了你的 ,果然没让我失望,真有趣。首页的最下方赫然写着 I have been to …… 首先要告诉你,英语系国家的人一般只 ... ,…… 那是中国人的用法。这是小问题也没什么,底下才有意思,列了 n 多城市名。中国15个,日本7个,欧洲15个,美国9个。我一度怀疑你是否犯了把 "have been" 当成了 "want to go",但转念一想,会把这种超级低级的时态错误放到个人网页首页,这种极品在这里也太难遇到了吧。于是我开始好奇你的主业到底是什么?你在 github 上的 repos 中体现的技术水平显然不足以让你能有这么多闲钱到处逛。而从你首页充满 chinglish style 和机翻味道的 introduction 判断,你不大可能是那个跨国公司的需要到处跑的雇员,这种英语水平大概只和中国的那些外出包工程的国企外派人员差不多,但你又不像。而且你的 上也找不到什么 travel 的照片。对了,你的主页上居然写着 Freelance / Web Developer / iDev /Travelers,注意,是 Travelers 啊,你难道其他的都是自己一个人,唯独去 travel 是找人共用的笔名吗?

希望你能满足我的好奇心,解答这些疑问 :D 对了,怕你心理素质不好,承受不住,太激动,破坏了自己的网站。我顺便截了图,有必要时就贴在这里 :D

n0wa11 commented Jan 19, 2013

@universe22 你没有感谢党国,这个是我搞错了。但如果有人为 https 和 ssh 而庆幸,这类就是我要嘲讽的人。

js 插件的 dos 前几天已经结束,这次确实是被墙了。这个事实上是你过于武断了。

@n0wa11 基本意思我觉得我们已经交流清楚了。


shizhao commented Jan 21, 2013


kaktos commented Jan 21, 2013


@kaktos 如果这里能少些不会翻墙,又喜欢自我审查,还喜欢拉人做奴才的傻逼,就我个人而言,非常满意。

acgism commented Jan 21, 2013

@universe22:好認真,首先需要說明白的是這 地圖炮 沒有針對任何人也沒有任何而已,而是在任何地方爭論 GFW 在我個人看來是沒有意義的。

我的心理素質還是不錯的,我的英語水平一直很差,見笑了..... 非常感謝,已修正一下,那些只是這些年旅遊過的城市而已,丟 github 上的東西一個是 08 年幫朋友做的學校作業當時作為 test 提交,第二個是一個是幫某個朋友做的服務器管理簡易工具其實後面還有版本沒有版本更新上來當時也是作為 test 提交。我自己的主業是做藥品的,但是那非我興趣,我只是單純喜歡做工具跟折騰而已,嗯。

現在 https 也無法正常訪問了,封 ip 看著也是早晚的事情,默默地把 GitHub 寫入pac…… 果然人肉翻牆才是硬道理- -


@acgism 好认真?这种程度的较真作为 programmer 来说是非常基本的,要不然做的东西就 bugs 满天飞了。如果这种人见得很少,那说明还不了解软件开发这个行业。你说觉得争论 GFW 没意义,但从这次开始,我们讨论的只是 Github 能不能直接访问,不能访问的原因是什么,GFW 只是讨论的内容之一而已。而且就算在这里讨论 GFW,我觉得也没什么问题。这个 project 本身就是关于 GFW 的。而且都不讨论 GFW,又怎么一起去寻找摧毁 GFW 的方法呢?


如果想放地图炮,先把这些东西做到无可挑剔吧。你看我一直在对五毛和 tg 放地图炮,怎么连五毛都不敢应了呢?


Vdragon commented Apr 25, 2013

It's not Chinese but Chi-na-nese
I still can access GitHub freely from Taiwan :D

And this project is really not the fault of GitHub blocking...don't fear on the wrong object!
P.S. Sorry for flooding, I didn't found the issue is closed at that time.


ghost commented Dec 16, 2014

不要自我审查,大家我们这个项目吧 1年了GFW都不敢封

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