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Version 1.39.2

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@mothur-westcott mothur-westcott released this 17 Feb 15:35
· 1367 commits to master since this release

Feature Updates:

Bug Fixes:

  • chimera.vsearch removing last character of sequence names when processing with a reference. Not an issue with denovo method. #306
  • Fixes summary file printing issue.
  • Fixes bug on start "[ERROR]: basic_string::substr: __pos (which is 18446744073709551615) > this->size()..."
  • Fixes bug with the rename.file command that occurs if outputdir is used and multiple files are provided.
  • Fixes ls bug for Windows users in make.file command.


  • Mac Version requires OSX 10.12 or higher
  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Both linux versions contain the same files with the exception of the mothur executable. The contains a copy of mothur built without the readline library. The readline library allows you to use the arrow keys to scroll through previous commands within mothur in interactive mode. To use the regular linux version you must have the readline libraries installed. A few of our mothur enthusiasts do not have readline and don’t want to install it so we made a version without that feature.