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Apex Debugger

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Browser extension to debug salesforce code. (Chrome/Firefox)

Key Features

  • Search in logs
  • Improved view of logs (select from available themes).
  • Click any Id to go to Object (Class, Trigger, Validation Rule e.t.c).
  • Indent User Debug (sObject, List, XML or JSON)
  • Delete all logs (all of'em).
  • Automatically start log tracking.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for Salesforce

Keyboard Chortcuts

  • Shift+d - Open Debug Logs + Add current user
  • Shift+w - Open New logs view
  • Shift+l - Open last debug log
  • Shift+o - Custom objects page
  • Shift+u - Manage Users
  • Shift+p - Manage Profiles
  • Shift+c - Apex Classes
  • Shift+i - Company Information
  • Shift+s - Data Schema

Hold Alt key to open in same tab. (e.g Alt+Shift+d)

Quick Demo

Basic usage demo

 Last log, Search, Indent, Auto Refresh, Edit

Standalone User Scripts (Not updated)

GreaseMonkey scripts on openuserjs